It isn’t very uncommon to see a home with solar panels on its roof today, and it’s a sight that is getting more and more common all the time. Major solar panel producers at, www.suntalksolar.com have projected that 2018 will bring more sales in home solar panels than all three of the previous years combined. Indeed, there used to be only a handful of residential solar installation companies in the country, today there are thousands of them located in almost every part of the country. We thought we would list if few different reasons why a person might want to consider having residential solar panels in their home today.

Lowered energy costs are always a popular factor for switching to solar energy. People these days are getting electric bills for three or four hundred dollars a month, and while we do use more electronic devices than we did in the past, the climbing costs of electricity are what are driving our bills up so much. There are really only two solutions for reducing electric costs; give up all electronic devices for live, or switch to electric energy. Most of us can’t live without internet, cell phones and other gadgets these days, so giving up electricity is hardly an option, but solar power systems are a very easy and sound option. The average solar powered home spends around 30 percent less on their annual heating bills, and that number can go up even further if people use extra energy around the house such as heated pools or heated floors. Anyone out there today that is sick of sending huge wads of cash to the electric company every month ought to check out a home solar power system.

People out there that want to do their part in helping to save the planet can do so with solar energy. The situation today with global warming is becoming alarming. It seems like hardly a week goes by when there isn’t some major climatic event which harms people and destroys cities and towns. Even for skeptics of climate change, the situation is becoming increasingly hard to deny, and almost everyone is in agreement that we have to start acting right away or we are going to be in some serious trouble here on planet earth. It important for people to understand that change begins at home with more green friendly practices. You don’t have to be a rich conservationist in order to play a part in the fight to save this planet; you only have to reduce your own impact. A small town of ten thousand people located in southern Mississippi recently made the news after all of their residents decided together to switch to solar power in their homes. Amazingly, the impact on energy consumption that this little tow had was amazing. Energy costs were reduced by nearly half, and the regions electric plant was able to cut back on production from 6 to 4 days a week. Imagine if people all over the country decided to follow this, the impact would be unimaginable.