The colors that a company chooses may not seem like such an important part of a booth’s success at a trade show, and yet, there have been hundreds of studies done in the field of marketing which demonstrate that the color of the booth, or store, may ultimately have a huge amount of influence on how people see a company. The physiology of marketing and colors has been an area which has received a huge amount of attention, especially in recent years.  Marketing managers have long since been aware that certain colors provoke certain feelings in people. Most super markets paint their walls bright colors because people tend to be livelier when they are around bright colors, which in turn lead to a more active shopper. Lawyers almost always paint their offices with green, because green inspires trust in people. Most of the broad studies about how color can affect business were done many years ago, so most of that knowledge is already common place within marketing agencies. It was not till recently however, that companies such as www.igegroup.com, started to employ the use of colors into their trade show booth designs, and with a far more advanced method than previously used. Booth designers became aware of the fact that not only did certain colors inspire certain feelings, but that within each different area of commerce, the typical customers has unique and individual reactions to the colors that were used. For example; it is almost a golden rule that a company should never paint their trade show booth red, because black can project a dark image which people do not associate with commerce, and also because people tend to see red as a color which means aggression. While it may be true that most companies should reframe using red in their design scheme, trade show booths which displayed items from the footwear industry, did much better when they used strong red colors. A trade show exhibit is not only about catching the crowds eyes, it is also about giving customers the right idea about the company, and through the use of colors which have been proven to appeal to a specific group, that task is today, much more easily achieved.

Apart from color, which we have already discussed can be an amazingly strong tool at the trade show, the way in which people treat trade show visitors is an important part of how the booth will be seen by the public. Unlike in a retail store, the trade show booth is not a place where people try to sell a product, as much it is a place where people try to educate as many people as possible about the company or product that they represent. Representatives working at a trade show should take a more casual approach when they visit the big events. Dressing down will make the people that may want to visit your booth feel less like they are going to be sold something, and more like they have a helpful person around to answer any of their questions.