Lab testing is a vital resource for companies and other countless other institutions in the country today, so being able to find the best lab testing is of considerable importance. There are three key areas which should be taken into consideration when trying to get the best lab testing service and these are; cost, reliability and speed. In this brief review of lab testing services we aim to detail how people can determine if a lab service offers these three qualities.

First we will look at pricing. The cost of a standard UA test is around 14 dollars per test, and while that number may not seem  like much, it can become a great deal of money for companies that have to perform hundreds or even thousands of drug tests each year. Most leading UA testing facilities, such as www.gulfdiagnostics.com offer a wide range of different prices depending on the number of tests each client will need. As with almost any service, the more a client buys, the less they pay. There is also a price difference when it comes to the kind of urinalysis which is being asked for. The more detailed the UA test, the most time the lab workers have to spend with each sample, and the higher the cost will be. People can save a lot of money by asking for a very specific type of drug test which doesn’t cover substances which may be of little interest to a company. In general, marijuana and prescription drugs are listed as substances which are a company isn’t trying to detect. A more specific UA test will end up saving the company a lot of cash.

Reliability is an equally important issue when it comes to drug testing. As is often the case, a drug test could be used to determine if a person is right for a job, or if they are going to keep a job which they already have, so it is vital that a drug testing facility provide accurate results. People should only contract labs which have all of their state required certificated up to date. Labs which have been in business for longer periods of time are also more trustworthy, while new labs should be looked at with caution, unless they have excellent credentials to back their work up. Try to find a lab testing center which does UA testing for government centers, as government offices have extremely high standards for the companies they use for their drug testing needs. Going out to visit a potential UA lab isn’t a bad idea either, as it may provide a look into how professional an operation is.

When a drug test is required it is probably required right away, so it is important that lab testing facilities are quick to return results to their clients. All a person need to do to find out how long a drug test will take is ask the lab, as they are required by law to inform their clients of that information. The average full UA analysis should not take longer than five days, and may take as little as 24 hours.