Here’s how engagement rings became a symbol for marriage

engagement rings

Have you ever wondered why we use a ring to symbolize marriage? A lot of people have theories, like a ring is a circle so it can signify unending love, or that it was entirely a marketing ploy by a famous jeweler. Both are have been shown to be partially true. In reality, the history of engagement rings goes back thousands of years, to the Roman empire, although they were far less fancy back then.

In earlier known iterations of custom engagement rings, Romans traded iron rings to signify a betrothal. Iron rings later changed to gold rings, but some scholars say that Roman women actually had two engagement rings: one fancy one they wore out in public and another made of iron that they wore at home while attending to their chores and duties. It has also been reported that Romans began wearing engagement rings on the left hand because of it’s association to the “Love Vein” or the “Vena Amoris” which was thought to be a vein in the ring finger of the left hand. Many believed this vein was connected directly to the person’s heart, making it a natural choice for a romantic symbol.

Though there are numerous theories, scholars and historians seem to believe that the first diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy in the 15th century when she became engaged to Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Because this ring was given by a royal, it supposedly increased the status of diamonds and thus diamond engagement rings became a new trend for the wealthy.

A popular myth that also emerged about engagement rings is that people such as the Puritans did not believe in fancy jewelry or expensive loose diamonds to demonstrate love, so they instead came up with a new way of showing their engagement: thimbles. It is said that women were given a thimble as a proposal and that some women cut the top off so that they could wear them as modest rings. This has never been historically proven, but is a fun story nonetheless.

After the 19th century diamond boom and increase in diamond mining, diamond engagement rings became even more popular, though generally only with the rich and royalty. While aristocrats, princes, princesses, queens and kings wore diamond rings, others around the world who believed in the symbol of an engagement ring often stuck to more simple and cost effective options, believing that they were not of noble enough blood to wear diamonds. 

After a time, diamonds became more readily accessible to the general population though diamond sales dipped dramatically following the first World War and during the Great Depression. After the economy bounced back, diamond companies began pushing the idea, especially in Western culture, that diamond engagement rings were the way to go, developing the still used slogan “A Diamond is Forever” in the late 1940s. Ever since then, the diamond engagement ring has been customary in marriages, and in fact, an engagement without a diamond ring would seem non-traditional.

Ask yourself these question if you’re thinking about getting industrial roof coating

industrial roofing services

As the owner or manager of an industrial company run out of a large scale factory or building, costs matter. It’s expensive to heat, cool, light and clean the place, and that’s before staffing and production costs as well. You may be in the stage where you are prioritizing what costs really matter for your business and which ones you can wait on, cut corners on, or eliminate altogether. Some costs, like electricity and plumbing, are non-negotiable, but there are other things on your list that might cause a bit more of a decision making process, such as industrial roof coating. Ask yourself the below questions to decide if this expense is right for you and your business.

  • Do I have expensive assets in my building? It is often said that 30% of your structure (your roof) covers 100% of your assets. This means that your roof is really one of the only things protecting your investment. If you run a business that needs heavy machinery, expensive equipment and stores large quantities of product, you know that a simple leak could cost you thousands of dollars in damage. If this is the case, it is definitely worth it to take preventative measures, like industrial waterproofing, ahead of time.
  • Do I live in an area with unpredictable weather? In certain regions, weather is a big part of daily life. The Midwest gets brutal snowstorms and thunderstorms, the Pacific Northwest and the Southeast often get large quantities of rain and even hurricanes. The Southwest can be uncomfortably dry and hot. Other regions see high winds and tornadoes. If you live in one of these regions, you know this type of weather can be hard to predict but can often be severe and damaging. This is a good prompt to look into industrial roof services because you’ll want to be completely prepared for any type of inclement weather no matter how unexpected it is.
  • Do I employ a lot of workers? If you have a lot of workers milling about in your building on a daily basis, one of your top priorities is to keep them safe. This is not only important from a humanitarian perspective, but from a financial perspective as well. If any of your employees are injured, you could face legal or workman’s compensation costs, neither of which are good for business. If you have a lot of people in your building, a ceiling collapse or serious leak could damage multiple people at once. This is a smart reason to look into roof services.
  • Do I plan on staying in this building? If you have signed a long lease and/or plan on staying in your current location for at least a few years, it’s smart to make the most of your building and take care of it so as to increase its longevity. This will help your business be successful and save you money in the long run because you’ll have to do less repairs as things break or deteriorate.

These are just a few of the helpful questions to ask when deciding how to invest in your industrial business.


Top 5 meals served at memory care assisted living facilities

senior assisted living

Nutrition is on of the most important aspects of health no matter what a person’s age. In fact, many different types of foods serve many different types of purposes. Certain foods are meant to increase energy, some are meant to detoxify the body and some are eaten to increase brain function and memory. At memory care assisted living facilities, the food served to residents is of utmost importance. Many of these residents are no longer able to function and live by themselves without help. That means they cannot cook their own meals, and if they could, they likely wouldn’t do so with the proper nutrition in mind. For this reason, senior assisted living facilities take it upon themselves to provide these meals for residents.

  1. Soup- Soup is a very popular dish with elderly or memory impaired people because it is easy to eat and can provide so many different kinds of vegetables and nutrients in one bite like cabbage, beans, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and more. It also only takes one spoon and one bowl to eat, making it an easy choice for residents who need a little more help with their day to day tasks.
  2. Roasted chicken, rice and green beans- Rice is a filling starch that is a good base for other types of food. It provides healthy carbohydrates and has an extremely mild flavor that is easy to eat. Roasted chicken is a soft, tender preparation of chicken that is easy to chew for residents who may have dentures or missing teeth. Green beans are another healthy, soft, easy to eat option to help residents get the proper nutrients.
  3. Beef stew- Beef stew is a hearty dish that is thought of to many as a comfort food. The beef gets fork tender after simmering for so long and the potatoes, carrots, peas and other vegetables in the soup are easy to chew as well. Also, much like soup, stew requires only and bowl and spoon, making it an easy task to eat.
  4. Alfredo pasta- Another comfort food, cheesy, creamy tender pasta is a favorite among residents at senior living facilities because it is filling and delicious. It is reminiscent of macaroni and cheese, a favorite that will be nostalgic and remind residents of their childhoods.
  5. Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes- A classic favorite, chicken fried steak is a nostalgic food for many residents. It gives a similar taste to fried chicken but is much easier to eat and requires less work to eat around or remove bones. Mashed potatoes are a perfect side dish, especially covered in rich gravy. They are easy to eat and delicious too. It’s also a filling side so it helps to make sure residents are staying full and happy.

Meals at these types of facilities need to provide comfort, nutrition and sometimes even nostalgia. This makes the act of eating enjoyable and will help make sure that elderly residents are eating at a set schedule and getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and productive.

These are the best ways to keep your windows in good condition


Spring is right around the corner and that means it is time to start thinking about the dreaded “spring cleaning” plan that so many people take part in around this time of year. Spring cleaning is important because it allows you to air out your living space and give it a much needed boost in lighting potential, freshness and cleanliness. One of the most important ways to refresh a room is by giving your windows a little attention. Clean, well-maintained windows give a room a bright, tidy look in a pinch. While spring cleaning is a great time to give your windows some much needed TLC, here are a few tips to keep your windows looking and functioning their best all year round.

  1.       Clean your window frames- This one might seem a little obvious, but it’s probably one of the most important things. Clean your window frames. Use a damp rag to wipe down window frames and sills. This will help sweep away any dust or dirt that has accumulated there. Remember, the rag only needs to be damp, not dripping or saturated. Too much water, especially on wood framed windows, can cause mold and rot in the wood, which definitely doesn’t look good.
  2.       Clean the glass- Another obvious but important tip. Use a good, streak-free window cleaner to polish the glass in your windows. Paper towels are good for this and will help eliminate streaks. Another great, little known tip is to use old newspaper in place of a rag or paper towel. Newspaper leaves a streak free shine and really soaks up the cleaner without leaving any film or particles behind.
  3.       Mind the nooks and crannies- Have you ever slid a window open and noticed dirt, buildup or even bugs inside the window casing? This is normal, especially after a long winter. A good way to clean these out is by using an old tooth brush or scrub brush. For smaller areas, a q-tip dipped in coconut oil will also help clear up some of the debris.
  4.       Seal your windows- If you live in an older house or perhaps deal with a lot of inclement weather, it’s smart to check the seals on your windows. If there are any gaps in your sealant, you are likely paying higher utility costs because hot and cold air is able to escape. By keeping up with your window sealant, you can avoid replacement windows, which are considerably costlier than do it yourself caulking.
  5.       Repair your glass- If you notice any nicks, chips or cracks in your glass, get it fixed as soon as possible. Any of these things can significantly weaken the glass and make its stability questionable. A good way to avoid this is to make sure your window installation is done correctly. Sometimes, though, chips can still happen based on events like weather or accidents. That’s why it’s important to inspect your windows on a regular basis.

Windows are an important aspect of the look and functionality of your home and should be taken care of to ensure their longevity.


Bringing these accessories to your vinyasa yoga class will improve your practice

yoga classes

When people think of the things you need to do yoga, many people think that all you need is a yoga mat. While it is true that a yoga mat is possibly the most important accessory for a successful yoga practice (besides the yogi, of course), there are so many other things you can bring and use that will contribute to enhancing and improving your vinyasa yoga classes. The list below describes a few of the things you may want to look into.

  • Yoga socks- Have you ever been in a yoga class, perhaps even a hot yoga class, and you find that your hands and feet keep slipping, making it hard for you to hold poses? While this can be helped by a grippy mat, these mats can be expensive. Plus, if you are using one of the mats at the studio, chances are it is a regular foam mat, which can be slippery. People who sweat a lot should definitely look into yoga socks. Yoga socks are thin, breathable socks with grips on the sole to help your feet stay in place while you work yourself into poses. This makes your practice not only more comfortable, but safer so you can relax your mind and ease into your practice.
  • Yoga blocks- For yogis who are not quite as flexible as they’d like to be, yoga blocks are a great thing to bring to the yoga studio. Yoga blocks are lightweight foam blocks that serve as a way to “bring the ground to you” if you can’t quite reach the ground in certain poses. This is an excellent way to train your body to become more flexible and stable while also learning to trust your balance.
  • Yoga straps- Yoga straps have a few different purposes. For those who aren’t quite as flexible, it can serve as a way to help you stretch and train your muscles. For example, wrapping the strap across your foot as you lie on your back can help you stretch your hamstring without having to reach your toes with your hands. Simply pull on the strap to get a great stretch. For those who are super flexible, yoga straps can help you to go beyond your normal positioning and find a deeper stretch.
  • Yoga mat spray- A fabulous thing to bring to  sweaty yoga classes is a yoga mat spray, which will help you sanitize and clean your mat after class. Made with distilled water and cleansing essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus or tea tree, yoga mat spray is a wonderful way to clean your mat while also enhancing your practice through aromatherapy. Some yogis even put a small spray on their mat before class to help them relax.

There are so many accessories that can help make yoga more accessible to you and help you to enjoy your practice even more. After all, yoga is about centering yourself and finding peace, so anything you can use to help you achieve that feeling is a welcome addition to a yoga class.

Specialty cocktail bars are a great first date spot

specialty cocktail barThere are more ways to meet a significant other now than ever before. With so many online venues like Tinder, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, E-Harmony, Match and OK Cupid, there is a high probability that you will be able to go on a date most nights of the week if you so choose. Many first dates need to be casual and fun, but still offer you a way to get to know your date and be able to talk. Nowadays its common to plan a first date at a local bar. This is beneficial for many reasons. Bars are public places that feel safe for people who have never met and aren’t sure what to expect. Bars usually have a laid back vibe that can put you and your date at ease. Bars provide something to do with your hands and mouth to help alleviate some of the awkwardness of a first date. Bars are an instant conversation piece. You can talk about the drinks, the vibe, the music or even people watch together. Overall, a bar is a good first date choice because it sets the right tone: social and fun.

If you are looking to impress your date, you may want to consider a specialty cocktail bar for a more intimate experience. Specialty cocktail bars usually have a more sophisticated aesthetic. Perhaps the lights are a bit dimmer, the seating a bit more plush and the drinks a bit more elevated. If you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life, bringing your date to a bar such as Union Lodge No. 1 is a great way to learn more about them and determine whether you have the same taste.

If you are looking for conversation topics at a bar, the skill of bartenders at a specialty cocktail bar is often a great place to start. These bartenders are highly trained in their craft and have interesting ideas and artistic mentalities. Talking about this can also bring about conversations of art or previous jobs, which will help you get to know your date.

Music is also an interesting component in a bar. By mentioning the music that is playing, whether you like it or not, you can learn about your date’s taste in music and find out if it is similar or radically different from yours. Some bars even have live music which can provide a whole additional topic of conversation: whether or not your date plays any instruments. Generally these topics are broad enough to make conversation flow, but interesting enough to help you learn a lot about your date.

By it’s very name, a cocktail bar adds a touch of class and sophistication in comparison to a dive bar or sports bar. In this way, a cocktail bar is also a great choice for special occasions after you have been dating someone for a while. Many people celebrate events like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, engagements and more at sophisticated cocktail bars. Something about the vibe makes it feel special and out of the ordinary, making milestone events even more memorable.


Farm to table concepts attract diners

farm to table

When people think of Americans, they often think of fast food. While it’s true that fast food concepts are prevalent in American culture, the more environmentally-conscious generations of late look for food options that make them feel good about the choices they are making. Many consumers feel more connected to restaurants and brands that promise to do their part to help the environment and support local small businesses. Some of the hardest working small businesses are community farms, who depend on the support of their communities to be successful. This is where the farm to table concept comes into play. Farm to table cuisine not only ensures fresh produce, meat and dairy, but creates positive symbiotic relationships between the restaurant and farming communities.

For example, restaurants who buy directly from local farms eliminate the middle man. In these instances, middle men could include packers, shippers, freezing processes and long transports on multiple trucks. While there are ways to do these things successfully, eliminating the need for freezing food and shipping it long distances provides chefs with the freshest ingredients possible.

The freshness of food is a huge contributor to a diner’s experience at a farm to table restaurant. Particularly concerning foods that spoil quickly such as fish, meat, dairy and eggs. When diners know they are eating food at it’s peak of freshness, they will think favorably of the restaurant and of course, enjoy their food more. Fresh fruits have a sweeter taste and brighter, more beautiful colors. Vegetables at peak freshness are crisp and flavorful and can positively enhance any dish.

Fresh dishes give restaurants a good reputation and an increased customer base. This high demand means the restaurant will continue to order food from local farms, keeping them active and in business. Additionally, these farms feel like they are even more integrated into the community. This cycle continues on, increasing sustainability from both an environmental and business perspective. Less use of big trucks for shipping reduces carbon emissions and protects the ozone layer. Local farms who will deliver food quickly have no need for additional preservatives that could be harmful to the environment and the community. Restaurants who buy direct from farms can pay cheaper wholesale prices rather than pay extra for imported goods with high markup that have been flown or trucked in from much further away. The money restaurants pay to farmers goes directly back into the farm to help it continue to produce regularly.

More and more types of cuisine are jumping in on the farm to table trend, so much so that it seems it is less of a trend and more of a new norm. Everything from burger joints to Thai food takeout concepts have committed to the movement, much to the pleasure of communities like Denver, who strongly value environmental sustainability and buying local. Denver is one of the top cities for millenials, who are particular about the businesses they frequent. Restaurants with a farm to table mentality have a greater chance of securing this important customer base and keeping them around.

When restaurants can support local farmers, both industries can thrive, which will ultimately lead to a happier, healthier, more connected community.

Do you need an invisible invisalign?

It is very important that everyone takes very good care of their teeth.  The thing that everyone fails to remember is that teeth do not keep coming back in a better condition for you.  When you are a child you have teeth, these teeth are called baby teeth, which will fill up your mouth.  As many of you probably already know, when you get older those baby teeth that you had as a child will fall out.  Your mouth will then fill back up again slowly but surely with your adult teeth.  These are the teeth that are permanent.  They will not be replaced again by a new set of real teeth again in your lifetime.  What happens is that these real teeth may eventually decay, become crooked, or chip.

Have you ever heard of the invisible invisalign?  This is something that is commonly prescribed by the ortodoncista.  The invisible invisalign is a product that is used in your mouth to help straighten out your teeth.  Some people have a lot of problems with their teeth being crooked.  This can cause people to become very self-conscious of their teeth.  We all know that anytime there is an issue with being self-confident then this will lead to a lack of smiling.  No one likes to see a person who never smiles because they are afraid to show off their teeth.  This can be something that can be very embarrassing for some people.

The thing that the ortodoncistas are saying about the invisible invisalign is true.  They are the professionals that are behind the research of this type of product.  The invisible invisalign has been researched and actually tested in real life settings to make sure that they are doing what the ortodoncistas are claiming that they are doing for their customers.

The invisible invisalign will put your crooked teeth back into place.  There are some ortodoncistas who will prescribe their patients to wear the invisible invisalign only at night time.  This is typically something that they will prescribe to patients who do not have very severe problems with their teeth.  This is very common when you hear of an ortodoncista prescribing this to their patients.

The patients of the ortodoncista who have very severely crooked teeth, or even some further damage to their teeth will be prescribed an invisible invisalign as well.  The only difference between these types of patients that are prescribed by the ortodoncista to wear the invisible invisalign only at night and the patients who have more severely crooked teeth is the time frame in which the ortodoncista will prescribe them to wear their invisible invisalign.  The more severely crooked teeth will more than likely need to wear their invisible invisalign all day long.  This is due to the fact that the longer the invisalign is worn the more effective it will be in making your teeth straight again.  Not everyone is born with teeth problems.  They can sometimes be things that will just naturally or impacted to be crooked or straight.

The truth about tile cleaning

Are you part of the group of people who are searching for the answers about where to find the best tile cleaning companies on the market?  There may be a lot of questions that will come to your mind when it comes to beginning a tile cleaning project.  The good news is that you should not feel bad at all about not knowing exactly how a tile cleaning project works.  This is something that not everyone needs to know about on a daily basis in order to survive.  This is simply something that becomes something that home owners want to do.  They typically will turn to cleaning their tiles because they have become very dirty.  Tiles can become dirty to the point where they will become stained.  It works in a similar way that carpeting does.  When nearly any flooring unit gets dirty and is not regularly cleaned then they can become stained either temporarily or permanently.

The grim and dirt build up that collects on flooring systems, such as tiles, can be removed by the team of professionals at the Chem-Dry of Salem.  These tile cleaning workers have all of the best equipment and knowledge about what will need to be done to the tiles in order to extend their life span.  There is not a single home owner that would ever wish upon someone to have their homes tiles broken or damaged because of a failure to keep them clean.  The professional tile cleaners will do everything that they possibly can to make sure that none of their customers are even close to reaching this point.

Did you know that dirty tiles that have built up dirt, grim, and food can have an odor to them?  There is sometimes a gap where people fail to realize that anything that is not properly cleaned can start to have an odor.  The same thing is true for floor tiling.  There are tile cleaners that should become a necessity for all home owners.  When floor tiles produce an odor, the smell may begin to spread throughout your house.  This is what all begins the domino effect of things taking place in your home.  The odor that has spread throughout your home because of the dirty tiles will need to be taken care of.  There is one option that you will want to consider.  This is to contact Chem-Dry of Salem to ask about their odor removal services.  Here is a little hint as to why this is something that you will want to highly consider.  The way that this process works is that they use a mixture of a couple different odor eliminating formulas in order to attack the bad odor that was once coming from the dirty tiles.  What this team of professionals will do is that they will first clean the source of the odor.  Now, whether that is a need for a carpet cleaning, tile cleaning or upholstery cleaning the next step will be to attack the rest of the odors in the home.

Benefits of a property management company

Are your property managers causing you and your family a lot of issues?  The need to worry is something that should not even exist at this time.  A space for an error is never wanted, however it is something that will occur if the proper precautions are not taken into consideration.  There are some property managers that send out either weekly or monthly newsletters in order to keep everyone in the home owner’s association management up to date on the most current news.  This is a great form of communication that has proven to be very effective.  The members of the home owners association really enjoy receiving a newsletter because there is always some very useful information on there that they normally would not have found out about simply by the word of the mouth.

Some people may refuse to believe that there are good things that can come out of having a very good property management company that is working to make sure that everything in your community is running the way that it should be running.  There are always going to be challenges that a community will be faced with.  The thing is something that will take place sometimes no matter how hard people try to avoid it.  The key point here is that you can try to avoid some situations however there will always be a way that people will find in order to have a problem arise.  This does not mean that every problem does not have a solution, though.  Every problem has a solution it is just the hard work that needs to be done in order to search for the best solution.

Once the best solution has been identified then the steps to put the solution into place would be the next big step.  The purpose of a property management company being able to step in at this point in the problem is that they will be able to adequately solve the problem.  This is not to say that there are not enough solutions or people in the home owners association that will not know what they are doing, but instead it is to reassure you that this is a skill that a property management company is required to have.  Due to this reason they are very trained in a special way that is meant to provide the best possible solution based on the type of problem that they are being faced with.

A property management company will be able to make sure that your property is meeting the required goals of the owners.  This is one of the key factors that will be taken into consideration.  The last thing that anyone wants is to have a group of home owners be mad at each other for something that a property management company could fix.  They will be able to handle your situation while they are still being able to meet the needs of the people.  They will be there to make a difference in your home owners association, for both the residents as well as the rest of the employees.

Garage door repair basics

Many people have often wondering how a garage door gets installed into a home.  If you are one of those people then you are not alone.  Colorado Garage Door is a company that specializes in the proper installation of garage doors.  They do not believe in wasting your time, nor would they want to waste their time on something that will not last.  Just because of this exact reason you will be nothing less than satisfied.

There may have been a lot of times that something has broken and it needed to be repaired.  Whether it was your car, cracked phone, windows, kitchen appliances, or even your washer and dryer, there are always going to be unexpected expenses that arise when you are a home owner.

Once you have a good understanding of what the basics of a garage door repair are you may find these tips a little bit helpful.  If the job does not require any major work, then you can possibly perform the garage door repair with the help of some friends.

Here are some things to know about garage door repairs:

  1. The first thing that you will have to do before you can even go on any further with installing your new or just repaired garage door, is putting the panels around the frame of the garage door. Usually there will be careful instructions that you can follow on the owner’s manual about this process.  If you have installed a garage door before you should still always refer to the owner’s manual because not all garage doors are the same.
  2. The next most important thing about garage door repairs is that the tracks are in the correct places. The tracks are what makes the garage door function.  They need to be aligned just right so that the wheels do not get stuck.  The alignment of the tracks will determine whether or not the garage door will be able to open and close.
  3. All garage doors have something called an end bearing on them. This is basically the piece of the garage door that allows the rods that form tension in the track in order to make the rods slide around the garage door tracks.  This is all part of the system that makes the rods and wheels pull the garage door from a vertical to a horizontal position and vis versa.
  4. After all of the major components of the garage door are properly installed it is then time to focus on the hinges. There should be a power unit that goes into the garage door frame.  When this part is in place there is a center bracket that needs to be assembled.  After the brackets are correctly set in place then the hinges will be tightened after that.

These are the basic steps that you will need to take in order to get the frame of the garage door put into place.  After this is where you will likely need to call in a garage door service guy to complete the project.

In the mind of a locksmith

Despite some of the bad reviews about a locksmith, there are some really great locksmith companies.  Through consulting with a variety of different locksmith companies there is a simple word that could be used to describe one.  They are individuals who have a brilliant intelligence who can pick out clues from the customer calling whether or not they have the right to get into the locked space that they are trying to open.

This happens more times than not that criminals will call a locksmith and say that they are trying to get into a safe but have lost the keys.  In a scenario like this one, the locksmith needs to use their knowledge about criminal activities.  There have been reported cases where a divorced couple once owned a safe together when they were still married.  After getting a divorce the wife was not satisfied with the results of the divorce and was going to try for herself to get what she thought she deserved.  She called a 24 hour locksmith company and claimed that she needed to get into her safe.

When the locksmith employee arrived at the location he evaluated the situation and realized that something different was going on there.  The woman was alone in her house and she seemed very distraught about the situation.  Through the tone of her voice he could tell that this was a case where she was trying to get into a safe that she did not have legal rights to get into.

The locksmith then requested that she provide documentation that this was indeed her safe.  This is when he knew he could not unlock the safe for her.  The woman refused to provide him the requested documentation and became very angry with the locksmith.

There was another encounter that was called into a locksmith indicating that they were locked out of their house and lost their keys to get back in.  Upon arrival of the locksmith, they were approached by two men who acted suspicious.  The locksmith provided the two men with identification so that they knew who has arrived at the house.

The locksmith evaluates the situation to determine why they are locked out of the house.  If they are able to identify that there is a deadbolt on the door they can come to a conclusion that this is a case where someone has purposely changed the locks on their house.  This could be for a variety of reasons.  One of the most common reasons is a domestic violence case where a restraining order has been placed on an individual.

A lot of fine details go into the work of a locksmith.  There are clues given on nearly every site that allow the locksmith to determine if they are being hoaxed into unlocking an item that may not belong to them.  There are times when a locksmith will receive calls stating that they are in need of an emergency locksmith.  These types of calls can be a situation where a child is locked in a car and the outside temperatures are very warm.

The “need-to-know” basics of roofing

Are you currently living somewhere? Do you currently have a job? If you were able to answer yes to either of these questions then you have a roof that is over your head at least at one point in your everyday life.  This roof is what is protecting your from bad weather from landing on your head.  That heavy rain or the snow from the winter blizzard will not land on you if you are fortunate enough to have a roof that is over your head.

There are a few things about roofs that will better help you understand their structure.  Every roof contains a trusses.  This is often times referred to as the peak of the roof.  This is where the two angled sides of the roof come up and meet at a point.  A trusses is necessary when you are having a roof replacement installed or building a house for the first time.  The purpose of a trusses is to allow water, snow, or other objects to roll of the sides of your roof.  This way nothing is able to sit on the roof which would then lead to damage of the shingles and then could lead to further damage of the structure of the building or home.

During the roof replacement project you may have seen black plastic that looks like tarp.  This black plastic is put over the trusses and sides of the roof to prevent any water from leaking through the roof.  It is also there to just provide that extra support for the roof.  It can prevent things, such as trees, from causing severe damage to the roof as well.  This black tarp is basically a protectant of the wood structure of the underlying roof.

On top of the black tarp comes the shingles for the roof.  Professional roofing companies offer a variety of different types of shingles.  Based on which type of shingle you have custom chosen for your roof, the shingles will be installed according to that particular style.  You may have chosen either the shingles made of asphalt, metal, tile, or laminate.  The shingles will then be attached to the black paper that is below it.

Typically asphalt shingles or metal roofing is installed slightly different than tile shingles or laminate shingles.  This is because metal roofs contain pieces of overlapping metal.  The same thing goes for asphalt shingles.  The asphalt is usually overlapped.  For these two types of roofs the shingles will be attached to the paper closest to the ground first.  They will then be attached to the paper in layers going upwards until they reach the peak of the roof, also known as the trusses.

No matter which type of shingles that you have chosen to go with for your roofing, they will be attached to the black tarp.  The attachment will go through the black tarp and into the wood trusses and side boards of the roof.  This provides a sturdy foundation for the shingles so that they are tightly installed.  The reason that the shingles need to be tightly secured to the underlying materials is to make sure that they are able to withstand forces from the winds, rain and snow.