Baby Carrier Mixes Motherhood and Business

I have started to set up my own website because I thought it would be a good way to earn some passive income. While I sleep, the site earns – that’s the idea. It’s a novel one but it has worked for many  startups.

Freelancing seems to have created a parallel universe to the world we live in right now. As thousands opt to be a digital nomad, online shops also flourished. Now it is convenient to shop online with the goods delivered the next day or a few weeks if it’s coming from another company.

I have just had a baby and I was looking for the best baby carrier that I could find. The big brands have the goods, but I also look for something that would be comfortable and at the same time easy to pack. A baby does not only occupy a lot of your time, in my case, this little creature has taken over my world. So I go online and stumbled upon They have really nice baby wraps which can function as a carrier. It’s great especially for infants.

baby wrap

black baby wrap

Then I looked for some other baby stuff and was amazed at the power of social media to boost the reputation of a product. It’s a far cry from having a brick and mortar store and selling things on promo. I realized that the internet is a great equalizer. Imagine I only looked for a baby carrier and stumbled upon other baby products that would complement the stuff that we have at home.

I want a piece of the pie too. It took me weeks to conceptualize my project. One thing that I kept in mind is to nurture what is in my nature. And if there is anything that I really do exceptionally well, it’s writing. There must be a niche in the market for people like me.

So far, we found the top 3 topics that gets a lot of visitors to sites and blogs are self-help, freelancing, and DIY. The last one has plenty of materials to start with, so I thought I could start a blog that featured DIY projects. It is amazing how DIY became so popular. In a world where most people do not have a lot of time to spare, one would think that no one would have the time to indulge in DIY and homebuilding.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. People want to save money by embarking on DIY projects, but most importantly, they get a good sense of satisfaction by building something with their own hands.  Now Amazon has DIY kits! It is by itself a huge market!

The good thing about having an online shop is I do not have to keep inventory. All I have to do is establish an agreement with my suppliers to ship orders straight from their warehouse to the consumer. It’s a great way to sell and orders can come in even while I am sleeping. Now I am driving traffic to my site through social media. It’s not even work for me!