Best ways to use a vaporizer

Many people have started using a vaporizer in order to smoke marijuana.  This is due to the fact that it cuts down on the number of toxins that enter the body.  This is due to the fact that you are inhaling vapor or steam and not smoke.  Since the vapor inhaled is composed entirely of THC, the psychoactive part of the marijuana, the high is immediate and powerful.  There are three main types of vaporizers, volcano, herbal, and portable.   There are many studies on the usage of vaporizers and the consumption of marijuana.  Most of them have found that the majority of, if not all, dangerous components were reduced or eliminated.  However, the tar concentration in the vapor remained at about 10 times higher than the concentration of THC. That being said, the concentrations of tar and THC are still better than in any of the other methods of consumption.  Nevertheless, there is still a risk of cancer and other problems. The fact that THC remains in the vapor may cause some people to cough.  Some believe that adding a water filter or system may help.  However, it only adds water to the mix and does not address the amount of THC.   Most vaporizers work similar to the way an espresso machine works.  There are three chambers, a lower chamber, a filling chamber, and an upper chamber, as well as a mouthpiece, and a balloon.  If you would like to improve the experience, you can add flavors to the filling chamber.  Some of the more popular include coffee, cinnamon, and mint.   To begin, loosely pack the filling chamber with finely ground buds.  The better the marijuana is ground, the more hot air can pass through it.  Next, make sure that the chambers are tightly screwed together and turn on the machine.  Let it heat up and inhale slowly.  If you have a volcano vaporizer, you will need to attach both the mouthpiece and the balloon.  The air will go up into the balloon and cause it to inflate.  When it has grown to a decent size, remove it and slowly inhale.   There have been numerous studies done in order to determine the best temperature for vaporization.  It can be anywhere between 350 degrees and 420 degrees.  Many people believe that the product will begin to combust and burn at 400 degrees, but that is not true unless you are using Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.  However, lower temperatures can stretch out the vaporizing process.   In fact, one study found that the same amount of product was used at both 350 degrees and 420 degrees.  The same study found that the higher temperatures are better for CBG delivery.  They also are better for making sure all the THCA is converted to THC.  The optimum temperature for that to occur is 445 degrees.  At 392 degrees, the process was not complete.  Furthermore, CBG increases over 90 percent between 392 degrees and 446.   Regardless of the type of vaporizer you own, it is best to read the instructions before using.