Bringing these accessories to your vinyasa yoga class will improve your practice

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When people think of the things you need to do yoga, many people think that all you need is a yoga mat. While it is true that a yoga mat is possibly the most important accessory for a successful yoga practice (besides the yogi, of course), there are so many other things you can bring and use that will contribute to enhancing and improving your vinyasa yoga classes. The list below describes a few of the things you may want to look into.

  • Yoga socks- Have you ever been in a yoga class, perhaps even a hot yoga class, and you find that your hands and feet keep slipping, making it hard for you to hold poses? While this can be helped by a grippy mat, these mats can be expensive. Plus, if you are using one of the mats at the studio, chances are it is a regular foam mat, which can be slippery. People who sweat a lot should definitely look into yoga socks. Yoga socks are thin, breathable socks with grips on the sole to help your feet stay in place while you work yourself into poses. This makes your practice not only more comfortable, but safer so you can relax your mind and ease into your practice.
  • Yoga blocks- For yogis who are not quite as flexible as they’d like to be, yoga blocks are a great thing to bring to the yoga studio. Yoga blocks are lightweight foam blocks that serve as a way to “bring the ground to you” if you can’t quite reach the ground in certain poses. This is an excellent way to train your body to become more flexible and stable while also learning to trust your balance.
  • Yoga straps- Yoga straps have a few different purposes. For those who aren’t quite as flexible, it can serve as a way to help you stretch and train your muscles. For example, wrapping the strap across your foot as you lie on your back can help you stretch your hamstring without having to reach your toes with your hands. Simply pull on the strap to get a great stretch. For those who are super flexible, yoga straps can help you to go beyond your normal positioning and find a deeper stretch.
  • Yoga mat spray- A fabulous thing to bring to  sweaty yoga classes is a yoga mat spray, which will help you sanitize and clean your mat after class. Made with distilled water and cleansing essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus or tea tree, yoga mat spray is a wonderful way to clean your mat while also enhancing your practice through aromatherapy. Some yogis even put a small spray on their mat before class to help them relax.

There are so many accessories that can help make yoga more accessible to you and help you to enjoy your practice even more. After all, yoga is about centering yourself and finding peace, so anything you can use to help you achieve that feeling is a welcome addition to a yoga class.