One thing which seems to always happen with medical technology is that the public learns about it far slower than the advancements are made. In other words, the general public might believe that medical technology which was being used twenty years ago is still the modern standard. Of course this can cause people to not seek treatment for certain medical problems which may easily be treated, as they still live under the impression that the standards have not changed. Case in point; cataract treatments have evolved amazingly over the past twenty years, but people still think there is no solution to their problems.  In fact, there is almost no patient with cataracts who can’t currently benefit from a treatment option. Science has made it possible for even the most serious cataract cases to benefit from treatments, or to be cured totally. Using information we gathered from,, we are going to highlight some of the ways cataract operations have evolved with the hope that our readers will use the knowledge to address their cataract issues which they may have believed were beyond treatment.

While the science around the possibility that cataracts can be prevented through diet, quitting smoking and other measures is still unclear, one thing which is certain is that people with cataracts will be able to treat their issues more easily if they catch them early on. If a person has been experiencing strange changes in their vision, such as serious problems seeing in low light or fogginess over their vision, they may be developing a cataract. Anyone who believes that they may have a cataract should seek out an eye doctor as soon as possible, because while science has made it possible to treat almost all cataracts, even those in later stages of development, the situation will be easier to squash if stopped during the early stages. It is always a good idea to make regular trips to the eye doctor even without suspicions of eye problems, as regular trip to the optometrist help keep vision sharp.

If a person does have a cataract, there are many different ways it can be treated, beginning with cataract surgery. Cataract surgery today is able to help so many people with cataract problems because the method used now is to remove the clouded section of the eye which is causing the problem and simply replace it with an IOL. An IOL is a synthetic material which is almost exactly the same as the human tissue which covers the eye. IOL technology has been under development since the 80’s and has made amazing strides over time. The current science with IOLs is so good that even when a large portion of the eye’s covering has to be removed; it can still be replaced with the synthetic material. In extreme cases when a person has several rapidly growing cataracts, the surgery may be stretched out over time in order to lessen the trauma on the eye. No matter what the condition might be, there is always a treatment out there which can help a person with cataracts see better and live better. The more people know about vision care, the more likely they will be to seek help.