The Benefits of Vertical Blinds


Having the right types of blinds for your home can have a huge impact not only in the way the house looks but in the comfort of each room. There are many shades and blinds to choose from, however, and it can sometimes be stressful to have to choose one type over another. One of the most popular options available today are the vertical blinds. If you have considered purchasing these kinds of shades, we have a few more good reasons why you should do so.

Quick to Clean

Vertical blinds are one of the easiest types of window coverings to clean. Unlike horizontal options, you can just wipe the entire length in one sweep, saving you lots of time and effort. Vertical blinds also prevent dust from building up, which is ideal for people who suffer from allergies or breathing problems. With these blinds, you can expect to reduce your cleaning time drastically and who does not want that?

Available in Lots of Options

Vertical blinds come in a wide variety of options to suit any preference. No matter whether you have modern decor or classic decor in your home, you can always find a set of blinds that can fit right in. They are available in different materials, like vinyl, wood, plastic, and much more, as well as all manner of color options. Some even come in fun patterns that are ideal for children’s rooms.


They are durable options for any home. Unlike blinds made out of fabric, which can become ragged, vertical blinds are much more durable. They can last up to a decade! This, in turn, makes them much more affordable than other options as well, since you will not have to replace them nearly as often.

Maximum Privacy

Vertical blinds offer a large amount of privacy, which not every other shade option can provide. Horizontal blinds can sometimes leave gaps on the sides of the windows, but this is not an issue with vertical ones. You can choose how much or how little to have them open, adjusting them easily and quickly for privacy and protection from the sun.

Easy to Install and Replace

This is another reason why vertical blinds are so popular. Many stores or blind companies allow you to easily purchase a section of the type of blind you have, so that you can replace only the slats that are damaged and not the entire set. This saves you lots of money as well as time. Vertical blinds are easy to install, too, making  it ideal for homeowners who are into DIY or who do not have much free time.

Vertical blinds can be one of the best options for your home. They are very durable, cost-efficient, east to install, and come in all manner of styles. What is even better, they are lovely to look at, too! If you are looking to replace blinds or shades in your property, consider hiring an expert company like Blinds N Shades Express to help you choose the perfect option.


Finding blinds that match your needs

Finding blinds that match your needs for your home is not always an easy thing to do. Any times it can be a mixture of feelings when you want to be able to get it just right. Because there are many options and many choices out there today being able to get the perfect window treatments can be a little bit of a trick. blindsBy being able to work with an expert who has background and being able to offer you many sources of blinds draperies and shades can help you to get the right picture for you. When you want to be able to get the right picture you’ll be able to feel much more comfortable that the decision you make about the certain type of shades or shutters that you may be looking for your home. Many people know and understand certain brands types and varieties that they want to go with.

But being able to get the perfect combination sometimes can be a hard thing to do. Draperies going out to be a great way to be able to put an ad attached to any type of blind. It can be a way to add added features and to dress up the home, being able to get it right means being able to have the right combination put together. Starting off with a great product like Hunter Douglas blinds can be the perfect start to be able to get on the right track of where you want to be. When you are able to get the right blinds together for your window treatments they stand out. There are many things that I wanted to make an offer you and by being able to have a great combination put together allows you to adjust and control light as well as being able to have the right fit to the style that you’re looking for. When you want to be to have the ability to adjust within the home then being able to use certain products means being able to have the right choice that you are looking for.

Hunter Douglas shutters are known for what they can offer many people to their home by being able to put a great product and to be able to have it in your home while being able to also have a style that is enjoyable comfortable and something you can really set apart as your home means that you have got it right. When you are in need of finding the right window blinds be sure that you work with a professional I can point the right direction of the right styles the right brands the right quality and the right look for your home. Being able to do so will allow you to feel much more comfortable about your home. Working with places like Colbys can help you to be able to get the right look that you’re looking for. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction to be able to help you feel much more comfortable about your decision of the right kind of window treatment you’re looking for. You can add the right draperies in the right touch to your home when you have it all together. Being able to get the right match will help you feel more comfortable and to be able to truly love your home.

Your blinds should fit those in your neighborhood.

skylightsFort Collins is one of the most physically beautiful places in the entire country. It is situated up against the foothills and it has the beautiful granite foothills that is made famous by the horse tooth shape the hill forms into. The Rockies to the southwest are also very accessible from Fort Collins.  It is home to a little over 150,000 in the metro area and is a beautiful place for many people to live.  Nevertheless, in the city, you will find that many of the homes, due to the fact that the grid was situated years ago, face west and get a lot of sun.  Sun is a great thing and as the author of this paper, it is easy to look back on the buying of the apartment in which the author currently resides and the sun was a major factor in that decision.  Nevertheless, if you are going to be living in a home that receives a lot of light, one of the most important things that you can do would be to buy some blinds.  Blinds in Fort Collins are not hard to find.   From places like Imperial Blinds to others, there are a large number of options and it just comes down to figuring out where you want to go to make your home look the best.

If this is a serious conversation that you are having, it is important to approach the situation with a level of sobriety, so you can establish what it is that you are looking for early on.  One of the biggest indicators of this kind of thing is that you see people that know exactly what they want before they even go to the store.  This can be viewed in juxtaposition to a family that walks in and just buys the cheapest thing on the market. Once you know what you want, you can start to design the room to your specifications.  There are a number of ways that you can do this, but one of the best is to figure out how to measure yourself and bring out the most from your home without having to buy furniture.  This is done very well and increasingly easily if you have a high quality flooring system.  No matter if your house is covered in carpet or laminate, you will be able to bring out the most of the flooring, if it is something that you find attractive.  With that in mind, a good start is to ensure that you have something that you like.  If you do, it is going to be easy to find the Hunter Douglas blinds that complete your home. You will know it once you do and it is a great solution to many of the problems in your home that are related to too much sun sneaking through the blinds that are currently up there.  So find something that works for you and your family and go forward and prosper with the new blinds.

Here are reasons why you may want blinds or curtains for your home

There are many different reasons as to why you may want to get window treatments for your home. Window treatments offer you the option to block sunlight from streaming into your home. They may also offer you the option of privacy, in which you can choose when you want to block people from seeing into your home or not. Window treatments are necessary in a home for so many reasons. They also provide many different options when it comes to trying to decide what type of window treatments that you want for your home.window treatments

You can choose from window blinds, window shutters, window shades, window curtains, window drapes, and many more! You can also choose from many leading manufacturers when trying to decide what type of window treatments you are interested in. For example, you can choose from Hunter Douglas window treatments, which offers many types such as window shades and blinds.

There are many reasons as to why you would want window treatments, such as Hunter Douglas blinds for your home. Listed here are many reasons as to why you may want to invest in blinds as your window coverings for your home.

1. They block the sun. Window blinds block the sunlight, which is a huge bonus. This is especially helpful if your bedroom faces the sunrise. You will want to ensure that you have window coverings that will cover up the sunlight that is streaming into your room in the morning so that you can get all of the sleep that you need.

2. You can let in varying amounts of light. When it comes to window blinds, you can also let in varying amounts of light, pending on what you want coming into your home. If you want some light coming in, then you can control exactly how much light comes into your home pending on how much you open the horizontal slabs on your blinds. This offers you a lot of control when it comes to light in your home.

3. They look aesthetically pleasing. Both blinds and curtains look aesthetically pleasing. Blinds will give you a finished and polished look, especially if you choose to go with blinds that are made by Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas is known for providing an aesthetically appealing blind that will look amazing in your home and round out the decor of your home at the same time.

4. They are easy to assemble. Blinds are also very easy to assemble. When it comes to the assembly of blinds, you can either do them yourself or hire someone to set them up for you. Most designers and speciality window treatment shops will offer to install your window treatments for you.

As you can see, these were just a few of the many reasons as to why you would want to invest in Hunter Douglas blinds for your home. If you are interested in looking into more options when it comes to window blinds, then contact the experts at Lori Jill Designs as they can help you make the best decisions for you and your home.

Hunter Douglas blinds are the best-known for a reason. is often the case that a company becomes the best-known in their industry for the wrong reason.  ENRON is a great example of this.  They became the best known energy and commodities trading company in the United States solely for the reason that they were doing all sorts of illegal things and eventually had to claim bankruptcy.  All of their employees lost their pensions and retirements, and the heads of the corporation went to jail.  The list of companies that are the best-known in their field for the wrong reasons is long, and includes all sorts of companies that do illegal things, sell food that has something wrong with it, or operate in shady manners (FIFA is a great example of the latter).

However, there are other companies that are the best-known in their industry for the right reason.  For example, Ferrari is one of the best-known and well thought of car companies in the world simply because they produce some of the highest quality and productive cars in the world.  Coca-Cola is the best known soda company in the world because the syrup-like drink they produce is delicious.  And Hunter Douglas blinds are the best-known because they produce the best blinds in the industry.

The reasons for Hunter Douglas being known as the best window treatments company in the world are numerous, but they’re also rather simple.  For starters, the quality of the blinds, shades, and shutters that Hunter Douglas produces are the best on the market.  Their products all come with an intense and complete warranty, simply because they know that they have built all of their products to last.  They’re so confident in the quality of their products that they virtually guarantee they aren’t going to break, barring some sort of disaster in your home.

The second reason Hunter Douglas blinds are the best-known is the wide range of their products.  Clearly, they produce blinds, and a great many at that.  Yet that also produce sheers, shades, draperies, shutters, and a variety of other window treatments.  All of the window treatments they produce come in a wide variety of materials.  You can get wood blinds or shades, plastic shutters or sheers, aluminum blinds, faux wood shutters, and more.  In addition to making all of their products with a wide variety of materials, they also come in a huge variety of styles.  Their window treatments can easily be made to fit into any room in your home, regardless of the size of the windows or their style.  All of their products come in a huge array of finishes and colors as well, so you can be sure to find something that matches every room in your home.

When people who are specialists in the industry all say that Hunter Douglas products are the best, you know there’s something going on.  These are the people who have dedicated their careers to helping people decorate their homes with the perfect window treatments, and they all choose Hunter Douglas over any other brand.

Making our homes comfortable with Hunter Douglas blinds

Being able to make your home more comfortable begins from the inside out. Inside is really where we spend our time and enjoy our homes. Having the right features and appeal to the home helps us to greatly benefit more from it. Comfort in the home is essential and privacy is also essential to feel comfortable in the home.  Window treatments, draperies, and blinds are great ways in which we are able to enjoy our privacy while allowing us to enjoy an added feature in our home that adds to its comfort.blinds I being able to have something to cover our windows that we can adjust or open allows us the benefit of being able to enjoy the outside while being inside as well as being able to enjoy the natural sunlight coming into our homes.  When we get the benefit of being able to have this natural effect to us were able to enjoy our homes more fully. We have the option of being able to enjoy it by giving it the opportunity of adjustability.

This allows us to enjoy different times different features that can be used.  Being able to do this allows us to have that freedom and feel more comfortable in the home. Many people choose to decorate with drapery as well as an added feature like shutters or blinds. This allows us to be able to have the right look that we want with the adjustability to give us added benefits.  Being able to make sure your window treatments are just right is done by being able to get the right materials and the right quality. Hunter Douglas shutters and blinds are known for their quality and many people for years have enjoyed this and what it does to their home. It shows up in the look by the detailed they put into each customize piece for your windows.

Being able to have the right combination between your shutters blinds and upholstery helps you to tie everything in and to really feel the comfort within your home. Enjoying all these features is what makes a home a  home and being able to customize them in unique ways personalize them to you which makes the home a more relaxing place to be. Find the quality that you were looking for by visiting Window Treatment Fairfield County to get to the look and feel that you want for your home.   Having the ability to tied altogether to bring it out in one piece by matching the blinds with the upholstery get the perfect combination into your home and matching down with quality means that you are going to have the most effective benefits that there are. Make your home truly customized and comfortable by being able to have the right shades shutters or blinds for your home.

Try new blinds as an affordable way to redecorate

Your home is your own personal space, where you get to design and express your style any way you please. There are any number of ways to do this, some more affordable than others, but all can be highly personalized to suit you and your needs. Here are a few of the most common ways for people to do their own interior designing without the help of a professional.

  • Do your own painting – Paint is affordable, easy to do, and easy to correct if you get all the way with a color and decide you do not like it anymore and are unwilling to put up with it. Trying out a given color on an accent wall can be a good way to test and see if you like a particular color, and if you do not, it is easily adjustable. Painting over a dark color might take two or three coats, but it is completely feasible and possible.
  • Let some light in – Changing up your window treatments by taking a look at the dozens upon dozens of options available at Peoria Blinds is a great way to spruce up the interior and allow more or less light in, depending on your needs. Not everyone likes blinds but they can be an excellent halfway point between privacy and allowing light in, and some of the nicer wooden ones look less like cheap blinds and more like professionally designed window treatments.
  • Consider removing your carpet if you have any – Carpet is on its way out in terms of flooring popularity. Hardwood floors have long since been easier to clean and maintain, but for a long time carpet was simply more popular. Perhaps it was considered a luxury, but now, hardwood floors are back and more beautiful than ever. Theydrapes come in a wide variety of sizes and shades to suit just about any person’s tastes and they go well in any room of a home. They are easy to maintain and very easy to clean, which is great for anyone with kids or pets, for example. Mopping hardwood floors and sweeping is infinitely easier than trying to shampoo carpet, and no one really does that well anyway even if they do go to the trouble to do it.
  • Hang some stuff up – whether you are putting up paintings, artwork, or personal portraits, having a coordinated look to what is on your wall can help enhance furniture, paint, window treatments, and floors, and really help bring the room together. It can be an excellent way to highlight your personality and your taste in art and photographs, as well as another way to match different accessories such as lamps, throw pillows, and blankets.

These are just a few of the hottest tips from interior designers about the best ways for you to redecorate your own interior without spending a fortune. While hiring an interior decorator might be a luxury that not everyone can afford, redesigning your own living room with a few new frames and a jar of paint is something that almost everyone can get behind.

The top 5 reasons to add skylights to your home. of the best things about your owning your first home is the realization that you can change anything you want without permission.  When you rent an apartment or house, any changes you would like to make to it must first be run by the landlord.  This goes for everything, from re-tiling a bathroom floor to painting a bedroom a different color.  When you own a home, you don’t have to ask for permission to do anything.  Obviously, if you plan on making major changes, you must obtain the correct permits, otherwise your work can not be included in your next appraisal.  However, obtaining permits and obtaining permission are not even remotely the same thing.  If you recently purchased your first home and are getting excited to make some remodeling changes, there are a few more unconventional changes you should consider.  One of these is skylights.  Adding these to your home adds all sorts of benefits.  Here are the top five reasons to add skylights to your home.

1.  Lighting.  The first reason to add skylights to your home is the immense impact they have on the lighting in your home.  Adding a skylight or two to your kitchen, for example, will greatly increase the amount of light that comes in.  Great lighting now only improves how a room looks, but it can also improve the mood of people living in the home.  There are a huge variety of skylights to choose from, all with varying amounts of light they let in.  Some can even be closed if you would prefer a dark room for a day.

2.  Aesthetic.  The second reason to add skylights to your home is the improvement they make on the aesthetic of the home.  This not only comes from the additional lighting the home receives, but also from the way the room looks with skylights.  In this sense, skylights are similar to adding new blinds or other window treatments.  They not only alter the lighting, but they look good doing it.

3.  Value.  Any addition you make to your home that adds something, also adds value.  Adding skylights is a great way to increase the overall value of your home, which is especially important if you plan on selling it in the future.

4.  Uniqueness.  One of the many great things about skylights is that they are unique.  Most homes do not have them, so adding them to your home gives your home a unique feel.

5.  Plants.  The final reason to add skylights is if you’re a plant lover.  Many people who love plants are also known for their ability to kill them.  Adding skylights ensures that all of the plants in your home will get plentiful sunlight, even if you forget to put the blinds up.

To make sure the process of installing skylights goes smoothly, it is important to find a great company to install them for you.  Imperial Blind & Shutter is an expert at this, as well as shades and other window treatments.  Their expertise will ensure that your skylights come out looking exactly as you had envisioned them.

Shades- a best window treatment for controlling light

Shades or shutters are considered a window treatment that you use to control light coming inside the room. Some people use cord system to use it. Hunter Douglas shutters are amazing in variety and quality from which you can choose a best piece that complement to your house window. You may become confused during searching for shades. Before making a final decision regarding it, there are many things that you keep in mind.

First thing that you should consider is that how much you want to control outside light entering in the room. Shades vary in their light controlling ability, but it also depends on the material that is used to make shades. Now think a few minutes before moving that either you want to solve privacy issue through shades or not, then work accordingly. Pleated shades are good type of shades if privacy is also your main issue. It also helps enhance window decoration. These shades also allow convenience in installing. You can apply it either top or bottom of the window. Before going to see various options of Hunter Douglas shutters and shades, see what are basic categories of shades and in which category you are interested.

Six categories of window shades:

There are mainly six major groups of shades. It has ability to control light coming inside the room depends on the material of shade. If you are going to add a plain or lightweight shade and want to control maximum light, then it’s better to add liner in it. Now the decision regarding shade totally depends on your need. In the market, you can see a large variety in shades with different colors, but they all fall in any of six categories. Now let’s discuss what are these six categories are:

  1. Roller shades: These shades are economical in price. Plain fabric and sometimes vinyl is used for making it. If you want to texture it, then you have to pay additional price for it.
  2. Roman shades: These shades are usually flat, pleated horizontally with one cover of fabric and sometimes they can be lined. You can enjoy huge range of colors with different style to support room texture.
  3. Festoon shade: These types of shades are truly unique. These shades also come in a variety of colors.
  4. Pleated shades: These types of shade are very sheik and double corded. Folded paper and sometimes fabric is used for making it to complement room. These shades can be pulled to any side depend on the style of shade.
  5. Cellular shades: These shades are also very sheik and made up of honeycomb pattern. You can see it in any organization and homes. These cellular shades are usually pleated and layered. It helps make an airy affect which assist in UV protection.
  6. Wooden shades: These shades give a tropical effect because bamboo, matchsticks and sometimes hemp is used make it. Many different kinds of materials are used for making these wooden shades like reeds, grass and other natural things.


Your Window Treatments, Sheers, and Valances Add Greatly to Your Home’s Style.

sheersDecorating and renovating your home can be a great opportunity to make your home look like you have always wanted it to look.  In terms of the interior of your home, some of the most effective means of redecorating your home are also simple, nondestructive, and relatively inexpensive, in many cases.  Your window treatments, sheers, and valances, are all seemingly minor aspects of your home decor, yet they add greatly to your home’s style, if you use them well.  In order to get the most out of these features, though, you need to go to the right home decor store or agency.  In the Miami area, there is no better place to turn for window coverings and other home decor features than South Kendall Interiors.  They not only have an extremely wide range of window treatments, they also have a team of specialists, to answer design questions, as well as provide general design help.

All homes have window coverings, of some kind, but many people stick with the generic blinds or other window treatments, that came with their home.  This is not necessary, as changing your window treatments is extremely easy, and there are so many more aesthetically pleasing options available.  While blinds can be generic, there are also stylish custom blinds which can be the perfect blend of function and style.  Wooden blinds are one extremely popular example.  With blinds, quality is a major factor, as the low-quality blinds tend to look very bland and unappealing.  On the other hand, Hunter Douglas Blinds can be a great way to improve the ambience of your home.  You still can enjoy all the practical benefits of regular blinds, but they are significantly more pleasing, to look at, and they complement the interiors of most people’s homes better.

Blinds are one of many types of window treatments, though, and you should not have them installed, until you have examined all of the options.  Another stylish window treatment option are shades, which are a lot like blinds, in many ways.  They are similar, insofar as they both are operated, with a pulley system, and they both come down, from above the window, in order to block out sunlight.  The most important difference is the fact that blinds are made up of hanging, overlapping slats, while shades are made out of a solid sheet of material, in most cases.  Because of this difference in design, shades cannot be adjusted to quite so many lighting levels, but they are much better at fully blocking out sunlight, during they daytime.  That being said, both shades and blinds can prevent people from seeing into your home.  Only blinds, though, can prevent people from seeing in, while still allowing you to see out.  Shades are the only type of fabric window covering that is operated with a simple machine, such as the ones found on blinds.  In the case of drapery and sheers, the materials usually hang from above the window.  In some cases, though, these have a pulley system, as well, but they open, from side to side.


When it comes to remodeling a house or redesigning it, the answer might not be as complicated or expensive as changing all the old furniture or pulling up the floors you have. There may be ways to give your home a fresh look, while still keeping all the basic elements of the home. One of the ways that you can make your home design seem like you redid the whole place but with a minimal amount of change is by switching out all the old fabrics on your homes furniture, beds and window coverings.

The fabrics in your home take a beating. Every day use, food stains, dirt and even the weather all put a hurt on your fabrics, leaving them faded and torn. Just because the fabric needs to be changed, does not mean that what is beneath it does. The first candidate for fabric replacement is your bedding. The average person spends one third of their lives in their beds and that means that they get a lot of use. Not to mention the fact that many of us eat and work in our bed, the sheets and covers are washed constantly and they start to come undone. There are few things as disruptive to the eye in a room as a beaten up bed and there are few things which are as easy to fix. Custom bedding can be whatever you want it to be, warm, modern, playful or just plain comfortable. The cost of ordering custom bedding is far less than the cost of getting a new bed and the worst part about putting up all that cash for a new bed is that once it arrives and you put the old bedding on it, you notice that not much has changed.

The next thing on the list is to get some new fabric for your draperies. The draperies in your house are another item that takes a serious beating over time and they need to be switched out more often than other items. The good thing about draperies is that like other types of window coverings, (with exception to window covering such as blinds which can be far more easily changed out for a whole new set) you can just replace the fabric instead of buying a whole new window covering. Most window coverinsg work on an expensive system of runners and shifts and these can be a real pain to replace but they typically last for a lot longer than the fabrics that they support. Just measure out the area and get the right amount of fabric from the shop. If you know your way around a thread and needle, the whole process can be done at home but if you are not to handy with this type of craftwork, a seamstress can attach your new draperies to the old mount and it shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars. If you like the old fabric that you already have, just buy a new fabric with a similar look. Changing out the fabrics in your home will go a long way to making the place seem fresh and revitalized.

The best commercial window treatments company on the east coast. and finding the best company in a particular region can be difficult.  When the company you are searching for is one that provides a particular service for your company, it is even more difficult, because there is simply not enough time in the day to get everything done you need to.  Fortunately, if you live on the east coast, and if the company you are searching for is one that specializes in custom window treatments, you are in luck.  Commercial Draperies Unlimited is the best commercial window treatments company on the east coast, bar none.  The reasons for this are numerous.

First off, they have been around for a long time.  Experience is essential in the custom window treatments field, because each company’s needs and desires are unique.  Finding a company with an immense amount of experience means finding a company that can help you get the exact kind of window treatments you are looking for for your business.  Commercial Draperies Unlimited has been around since 1964.  That is exactly 50 years of experience in the field.  No company lasts 50 years without providing high quality products and services.  If they did not offer those things, they wouldn’t last nearly that long.

They offer four major areas of service: draperies, blinds and shades, upholstery, and hardware.  When companies offer all of these services, they make it easier on their customers because the latter can go to just one place to take care of all sorts of needs.  They have a wide variety of draperies that they offer, so you can be sure to find something that fits your business’ needs.  In terms of commercial blinds and shades, they also offer a wide variety of products.  Whether you are looking for vertical blinds or horizontal blinds, shades that let a lot of light in or ones that don’t let any light in when they are down, they have you covered.  Their variety of products will help you find something that will achieve the specific lighting and aesthetic looks you are going for.

They also offer the highest quality products available, and their team of professionals will help you make the choice that is right for you and then they will install the custom window treatments.  When you are looking for shades for businesses, blinds, or draperies, they have all of the answers.  Their friendly team of professionals is willing to take the time to meet with you or speak with you on the phone.  They will get to know you and the needs of your business, and from there they will help you sort through all of the products they offer to find the one that is right for you.  After you have made your decision, they will install the commercial window treatments for you company.  Ultimately, they understand how important the look and feel of your office is.  They understand that a great looking office is one of the best ways to boost the overall productivity of a company.  And they are there to help you make all of your desires a reality.

Why buying window coverings from a smaller store is better

There are some instances where I love to go to the big cheap shops that have absolutely everything like Target or Wal-Mart. It is quick, easy and usually less expensive than other stores. There are also instances though that I have found out it is much better to go to a specialty store that has a number of different variants on one or two things. One of the examples of times where I find it a lot better to go to a smaller store that really knows what they are selling is when you are looking for a lot of home decorating things such as window coverings.

blindsI hate buying blinds or shades from a big chain store that has no idea about what they are selling because there are a lot of important factors that go into getting window coverings such as making sure that you find the right size (it is more difficult than you might think), that you find the type of window covering that will best fit your needs for light allowance and privacy. If you buy your blinds or shades from a big shop you probably are not going to get any help with your decision or even be able to ask someone who actually knows anything about window coverings any questions. When you go to a smaller store like Blinds ‘n’ Shades though you get someone who will help you throughout the entire process. One of the professional design experts will even come to your house and figure out what kinds of colors and patterns will work with the things that you already have in the room. Then they will spend a little bit of time talking to you in order to figure out your personal preferences for things like color and design plus add in factors such as how much light you want to let into the room versus how concerned you are with your privacy. No one at any of the biggest stores is ever going to come over to your house in order to help make sure that you find the best possible window coverings to match your sofa or the color of the walls.

The other great thing about going to a smaller store such as Blinds ‘n’ Drapes is that they will also come and help you install your new blinds or drapes if you would like. Some models are not so difficult to install and possible for you to do yourself while others can be slightly more complicated. If you decide on one of the more complicated kinds of window coverings it will absolutely be worth it to have someone there to help who actually knows what they are doing and knows more or less where everything should go and how it should all look when it is done. I know I am one of those kinds of people who would like to think that I could do all of this on my own, but if history has taught me anything in life about myself it is that I would surely end up under the blinds stuck with some sort of colossal problem so for me it makes sense in so many ways to have the people at Blinds ‘n’ Shades do it all for me.



An aunt of mine recently moved to Panama to retire. She had been living in a huge house in the country for the last 15 years or so ad it was time for her to go some place warm because her old bones just did not agree with the harsh Ohio winters any longer. At the time, I was also moving. I had gotten a job offer in another part of the country and I was packing up a big van to take the trip. My aunt called me the day before she left for Panama to let me know that she was moving away and that she wouldn’t be taking any of the things in her house with her on her trip. My aunt told me that it was just too much hassle to try and send all that stuff down to Panama and get someone to pick it up and move it into her new place. She told me that I was welcome to go by her place and take anything I wanted from the house. At first I told her that I couldn’t take her stuff but she insisted that she would be happier knowing that someone in the family was getting some use out of it.

A few days later I finished loading my things into the van and headed out towards my Aunts country house. It was only a few hours out of the way and it was a very beautiful drive so for me it was a pleasure. I stopped at a small bakery on the way that out mother used to take us to as children and got three warm apple pies. I knew that I had a long drive ahead of me and I knew apple pie was delicious and satisfying.

When I Finally got to my aunt’s old house I couldn’t believe all the amazing things she had left inside. The whole house was filled with interesting old furniture and amazingly unique pictures on all the walls. There was even a statue of my aunt’s grandfather, cast in brass. In addition to all the great furniture the house was filled with amazing window treatments. Since my aunt had insisted on my taking anything I wanted I went to work. In an upstairs bedroom I found a precious set of blinds that matched a bed sheet in the room, both of which I wrapped up and took to the van. In the living room there were some shades, bright red shades, and I knew that you couldn’t get them like that anymore so into the van they went. I picked up some dishes and cups and a few old bottles of wine and I was just about to leave when some nice shutter cause my eye. They had the state flags colors painted onto them and I couldn’t say no to that. All and all, I did pretty well and my aunt was very happy to receive a picture of my new house decorated with all her old stuff.



Interior design and picking the right blinds

I have worked as an interior designer on and off for the last few years depending on the number of other opportunities that I had and what other work I could find that was probably a bit better paying. It is still always nice to have something to fall back on though and for me, decorating people’s homes is that thing. I mean, I am pretty good at it I think. I have always been really good with patterns, colors and matching things that just look and feel good together. I don’t always find it the most fulfilling work but it is always nice to see how happy people are when they see how nicely the new drapes match with the new upholstery on the sofa and how well all of it goes with the new coat of paint on the walls. I guess I do like that part, it feels good to make people happy.

window coverings Recently I got back into doing some interior design for this couple that I met at a little dinner party that a friend of mine had organized and hosted a month or so beforehand. They are a young couple who just got married last fall and are not looking to start their first home together. I think that at least one, if not both, of them come from some sort of money because they seem to really want to go all in with the place and make it nice. I remember when my husband and I first got married we lived in this disgusting apartment with one chair and numerous infestations. Even though in retrospect I think it was a wonderful experience where we learned and grew a lot together, I can also see the desire to just skip that part of growing up and becoming an adult if you can. I mean no one likes to be broke and miserable right?

These two seem to have a pretty good start though. Right now we are working on picking colors for most of the rooms. They do not like much about the color scheme or decorating that is currently in the place so we are pretty much ransacking everything and starting over. As soon as the colors for the walls are picked out we can start looking at some new pieces of furniture and then some new blinds or shades to go on especially the downstairs windows. I think anything on the ground level requires both drapes and blinds or any other dual combination that allows for a bit of extra privacy when it is wanted or needed. For the upstairs windows I would say that as long as the windows are not facing any sort of direct window or line of sight from someone else’s home, it should not really be that big of a deal and only one of the other should be sufficient. Of course this is up to the homeowner and not really my decision. I just make sure that everything looks nice.