Carpet Cleaning Rules to Follow

Carpet will get dirty sometimes no matter what you do. It is something that can be hard to avoid.  It is just the nature of having carpeting units in your home. The thing that everyone needs to remember is that when your carpets get dirty they will be required to have a professional carpet cleaning treatment done. When it comes to finding a carpet cleaning company there are a few things that you will want to know about as far as the carpet cleaning process. There has been a list put together below that can help guide you through this process.

Rules for carpet cleaning:

  1. Majority of the carpet cleaning companies will clean more than just carpets. It is important to make sure that you know what needs to be cleaned in your house so that you are able to find a company that specializes in what you are needing cleaned. They may also provide upholstery cleaning services for their customers. Tile cleaning and pet stain cleaning is something that all carpet cleaning companies should be able to provide. It is a great addition to the services that are provided. It may be required that the rugs are physically taken out of the home to be professionally cleaned. Things such as an area rug can be easily moved out of the home. They may then be taken to the carpet cleaning facility. This is where they have a special machine that will clean the rug or rugs for you.
  1. Upholstery cleaning will be a process that allows these items to be easily removed from the home to get professionally cleaned. If the items are not capable of being taken out of the home the carpet cleaners will bring in their cleaning machine to your home. They will then do the carpet cleaning in your home. Majority of the population in the United States has pets in their homes. Do you know what this means? Having pets in your home bring consequences to your home. The thing that you will need to ask yourself is whether or not you are willing to put your household goods at risk by allowing pets in your home. If you answered yes to this question then it is important for you to know that you need to have regular carpet cleaning.


  1. Any time that your pets ever have a bathroom accident, or an accident from being sick. then your carpet will start to gain stains. When these stains are not properly cleaned out of the carpets right away the problems in your carpet will become worse. This is because the particles from the accidents from your puppy which do not get properly cleaned up with begin to absorb moisture. This typically happens when the carpet gets warm. An odor on these spots will then be given off into the home. Companies that provide professional carpet cleaning should have proper documentation to prove that they are certified carpet cleaners that will be able to handle your job.

How to clean up pet stains on carpet

Pets can be a joy, but sometimes the consequences of owning them can be a drag. Especially when they make messes in your house and pee on your carpet. And unfortunately pet odors are some of the most pungent hard to remove stains. They can linger for months and years if not treated quickly and properly especially if it is allowed to sync it all the way through the carpet and into the carpet padding. It can be really hard to find a company that can effectively remove those odors. Typically what happens is a carpet cleaning company comes and cleans just the carpet layer and that process masks the odor of pet urine for a short period of time, but it will ultimately come back. Let’s take a closer look at why this happens and how to prevent it.

When a pet urinates on the carpet, Whatever is not absorbed immediately sinks down into the carpet fibers and padding and slowly dries. As the urine dries it leaves behind millions of tiny concentrated urine crystals. These crystals are what cause the lasting pungent odor. That is why on a rainy day you might smell in old pet stain more prominently than you would on a dry day. Trying to clean up the odor by pouring a cleaning solution or water over the old urine stain does not break it down or absorb the crystals, instead it just redistributes them, and possibly even pushes the crystals further down into the carpet padding making it harder to clean them up in the future.

So what can be done? Typically, the next step homeowner goes through is calling a carpet cleaner to come to try to remove the stains. If you call a traditional steam cleaner that uses hot water to shampoo the carpets, this can do more damage than good. What happens is the hot water is pushed down into the rug which then pushes and spreads out the urine crystals so that the stain looks like it is gone but really it has just created a wider circle. If you use a Chem-Dry service to clean your carpets, your chances of successfully removing the pet odor completely are much higher. Chem-Dry uses a patented system called PURT, which means pet urine removal treatment. This treatment finds beer and actually explodes them. It also breaks down the enzymes that make up the urine crystals and odor, with these enzymes broken down there is no odor that can come back

. When you combine this enzymatic cleaning system with the chem dry cleaning method which uses effervescent bubbles that will literally push dirt the surface of the carpet, You not only get rid of the odor but you actually remove the stain urine crystals from the carpet completely. If you are looking to have a chem dry cleaning service come to your home specifically for pet stain and odor removal purposes, it is helpful to let them know ahead of time the size and age of the stains so they can be so they can arrive properly prepared to tackle your carpets.

Protecting your carpets with carpet cleaning

It seems that the same day your kid starts to be able to move around and walk on their own is the last day you will ever feel like you have a truly clean home ever again. No matter how hard you try to have everything cleaned up, or check their shoes before they come tromping in from the yard, somehow you always seem to miss something. Every day more and more dirt and grime gets brought into your house on their shoes, their hands, sometimes even their hair or face. Then that dirt gets crushed into your carpets and your upholstery over time, damaging the carpets and upholstery and making it look dingier and more worn than it should be.

carpet cleaningThere are a few different things that you can do in order to make your carpets at least a little bit resistant to the abuse that they sustain from children running around the house. First of all, as much as possibly try not to wear your shoes in your house. Do you know how many disgusting things you step in every day in the outside world? All of that will be brought into your home every time you do not take your shoes off. With kids this is even more important because kids generally have no sense of the importance of not putting your feet all over the couch or jumping on the bed with shoes on. If you keep everyone in your house from running around inside with their shoes on you will cut down on a huge percent of the grime and gunk that finds its ways into your carpets.
The next important thing to do is to make sure that you take care of spills as soon as possible. The longer that you allow the stain to sit there and be soaked up by the carpet the harder it is going to be to get out. Also, when cleaning a stain do a bit of research online quickly. People have perfected how to get out almost anything so learn from their experience. It just takes a quick second to do a search for “how to get wine out of carpets,’ or “how to get red sauce out of carpets.” It might just make quite a difference in how well you are able to get your carpets cleaned.
The last thing that you can do to make sure that your carpets stay beautiful is to have them professionally cleaned every once and awhile. With the newer kinds of carpet cleaning like Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, it only takes a few hours and you can be back in your home. Plus it is safer for kids than the other kinds of carpet cleaning that use soaps and chemicals.

With a little bit of care and only the slightest amount of time, you can keep your carpets looking fresher and newer, even with kids running around. Hopefully with these quick and easy steps, your carpets will be able to enjoy a longer and nicer looking lifetime.

Curtice Chem-Dry is a Carpet Cleaning Company that Specializes in Carbonated Extraction.

carpet cleanerMost people with carpeted floors know that they must be vacuumed, at least once a week, if not more often.  Vacuuming is vital because it removes the layer of dirt and grime that collects on top of your carpet, over the course of that week.  Nonetheless, even if you vacuum every day, there is still dirt and grime deep within your carpet that you cannot reach, with your vacuum cleaner.  Because of this deep-rooted and troublesome grime, it is highly recommended that you also hire a professional carpet cleaner, once a year.  Doing this makes your carpet, as well as your home overall, far more clean and sanitary.  Be careful, though, because many carpet cleaners still utilize shampoo, instead of carbonation.  In Redondo Beach, Curtice Chem-Dry is a carpet cleaning company that specializes in carbonated extraction.

Carbonated extraction is a fairly new and advanced procedure that makes the old carpet cleaning techniques seem downright silly.  While the older means of carpet cleaning necessitated washing the carped with lots of water and soap, carbonated extraction is a much more precise and effective means of removing dirt, mold, and bacteria.  After all, when cleaning your carpet, the removal of germs is a top priority, and shampooing does not do a very good job of doing that.  This is because it uses a lot of water, and water is the main ingredient that is necessary for mold and bacteria.  While it seems counter-intuitive that water could make your carpet dirtier, it is true.  Because shampooing leaves your carpet wet for at least one day, mold and germs have an excellent opportunity to develop. Instead of getting your carpet cleaned, it can often have the opposite effect, leaving your carpet less sanitary than it was before.  Carbonated extraction, in addition to being the more effective carpet cleaning method in every other way, uses far less water than shampooing does.  This means that your carpet is not as wet for as long.  In fact, it should be dry enough to walk on the same day the cleaning is performed.  This saves you from having to book a hotel room, and it leaves your carpet sanitary.

Aside from carpet cleaning, Curtice Chem-Dry does provide some other cleaning services, for the various other items in your home that require professional cleaning.  Specifically, if you have rugs or upholstery that need to be cleaned, they are probably your best choice.  Different types of rugs and upholstery need to be handled differently.  While some rug cleaning can be done using carbonation, in many cases, other methods are necessary.  Though carbonated extraction uses little water, it is still too wet for some surfaces.  There are some types of upholstery that are not meant to get wet, at all.  In the case of both rugs and upholstery cleaning, they may need to take your item to the shop to be cleaned.  In the case of your furniture, the upholstery will be taken off the furniture and reattached, when the cleaning process is done.