Top 5 reasons people book celebrity appearances

There are many reasons why people book celebrity appearances. While some bookings are meant to be frivolous, others serve to further noble causes or promote a business. The following article includes a brief list and discussion of some of the most popular reasons people and organizations choose to hire celebrities. If you or your company is in need of a full service celebrity booking company, consider hiring the FIMI Group, a Los Angeles based marketing firm who specializes in developing celebrity partnerships. While this list is far from exhaustive, it may demonstrate how you can effectively utilize a celebrity to entice consumers, boost your company’s reputation, recruit donors, further a cause, or simply to impress your friends.

  1. Many companies choose to have a celebrity endorsement for a new product. From a business standpoint, this is arguably one of the most effective methods for drawing consumer attention to a new product. Try and select a celebrity who is in some way connected to what you are selling. A great example of this would be hiring a famous race car driver to endorse a certain type of motor oil. As a famous race car driver, this celebrity assumes the credibility of an automobile expert. Another excellent example in this regard is if you are selling a break through acne medication, hire someone famous who has a history of struggling with acne problems. Potential customers will be able to relate to this celebrity, and will believe that this new product has the potential to revolutionize their lives.
  2. To bring in donors to an event for charity or humanitarian aid. This sector of celebrity bookings is growing rapidly, as many celebrities are willing to advocate for charities and humanitarian causes they believe in at a significantly discounted rate. Some celebrities are even willing to do this for free if it is something they feel strongly about.
  3. To attend a party and wow their friends. While this may be considered to be one of the more frivolous reasons to bring in a celebrity, it is still an important part of the industry. The main type of private events celebrities are booked for are milestone birthdays such as the “sweet sixteen” or the “dirty thirty.” Musical celebrities are also sometimes hired to play private concerts at events such as this.
  4. To support environmental campaigns. This sector of celebrity bookings is also on the rise. Significant environmental damage has occurred over the last two centuries, and celebrities seem to be on the forefront of supporting environmental recovery efforts. Some of the most visible environmental causes being supported by celebrities right now include: saving the rainforest, preserving different species natural habitats, reducing the population’s carbon footprint, stopping global warming, and natural disaster recovery efforts. The progress made by several famous celebrities in this arena demonstrates how fame can be put to very good use.
  5. Some political parties hire celebrities for political endorsements. The endorsement of a politician by someone famous can have an enormous impact on a political race. In fact, hiring a well-respected celebrity has been shown to drastically change the outcome in some close political races.

The Pros and Cons of Using Celebrity Endorsements

Marketing in a nutshell is expensive. It requires any business owners to have a marketing plan to be guided on what they want to happen for their product so they would know which way to go for the advertising of their products. There are an array of marketing products that can be use to spread out the word about your product. One of which is to make use of celebrity marketing. Celebrity endorsements can make a big difference when you want to reach your target market fast. Once your product is seen in any of the celebrity appearances is, people can easily build recognition from it. However all the marketing strategies available for use has its pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons on using celebrity endorsements:


Boost up name recognition

You are paying for the name of the celebrity that will be endorsing your product. If you are hiring a very famous celebrity on launching your product in the market, even if it is a new product, the news about it will spread faster that you can project it to be. The reasons why business owners use celebrity to endorse their product is that it saves them time on waiting when it can be known in the market. Once this happens, business owners can focus on how to maintain the popularity of the product created by the celebrity.

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Increase market reach

It is a given that celebrities have this certain effect on the consumers’ market. People idolizing them would want to use what they are using and even people don’t know them but sees them most of the time on their TV screens or billboards will give them a push to give the product a try. Even if you have certain target markets for you product, there is a possibility that you can reach bigger market because of this strategy.

Build product credibility

Celebrity most of the time if not all the time will always protect their name in the entertainment industry, thus this will also give your product the credibility you want to build for it. Consumers would think, a celebrity will not endorse a product that is not trusted so they trust the endorser resulting for them to trust the product as well.


Buyers can be skeptical

No matter how an endorser can be famous, you can’t expect that the celebrity can please everybody. Celebrity endorsement can also be a cause that consumer can be skeptical on the quality of the product. business owners would have the challenge to keep up on backing up a few other marketing strategy for the product.

The fee for celebrity is expensive

This can be one of the downside for using a celebrity to market your product. You are paying for their name but how much can you afford if they can’t bring in the revenue and outcome you expect from them to bring in for the business’ success?