Custom Blinds: 6 Reasons to Go Faux Wood

When it comes to custom blinds there are many materials for you to choose from. If you want something that is easy to clean then you should choose the vinyl type. For those who want the vintage look then wooden blinds is an excellent option. Wooden blinds however can be rather pricey so not many people will want to have them installed. If you really want the cheap one then plastic is the thing to go. However there is such a thing a faux wood which has started to gain popularity when it comes to custom blinds. Here are 6 reasons why faux wood is here to stay.

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  1. Faux wood is made from a material that is very durable. Thus it won’t chip or peel as easily compared to other materials. New ones have what are known as UVA inhibitors which allow them not to yellow.
  1. Unlike other materials, custom blinds made of faux wood can help you save energy and reduce solar heat. Of course you can do the same with other treatments like custom shades but they are harder to install. In addition they can also block UV rays better ensuring that other furnishings inside the house are not damaged. That said they can also protect the health of the occupants as well.
  1. Even if it can appear as wood you can have one in different colors so it can always complement the color of the room. Colors are available from white to neutral to deep wood.
  1. Many stores now allow customization despite it being faux wood. You can choose the size and as previously mentioned the color. You can also add accessories to give it that more personal look and feel. You can also choose the directions of the slats be it horizontal or vertical.
  1. Custom blinds made of faux wood can have systems that have a motorized or cordless lift. This makes it easier to operate and safer for children. It also has a crash-proof cord lock which makes sure that it operates well every time.
  1. Have we already mentioned that it has the same elegance of wood but is cheaper?

Clearly faux wood is not going away anytime soon. Not only does it cost cheaper while appearing like wood but it is more durable. Since it is made of a polymer material it can resist moisture thus it is very suitable when it comes to areas that experience drastic changes in humidity. This type of blinds is thus perfect for houses located near water bodies like a beach house. You can even use them for indoor pool areas.

In conclusion faux wood is better than other materials since it is more durable, more versatile and has that more elegant look while being less expensive. It will probably be sometime before they find a material that can replace the effectiveness of faux wood. Until such time comes, custom window coverings and in particular faux wood blinds will remain to be the top choice.