Affordable dentures and dental implants are easier than you think

No matter if you are starting to lose a few of your teeth here and there or if you are experiencing so much tooth loss that you are more gums than teeth, it is important to get these things taken care of as soon as possible with an oral surgeon that can provide you with the best care out there. The health of your teeth and your gums can affect the health of a number of different bodily functions and if you let your mouth go too long without taking care of it and doing the things that will keep it healthy, you can be slowly doing a lot more damage to your health than you think.

If you have just one damaged tooth or a small area that needs some dental care, one of your best options might be to go and get a dental implant to restore that part of your mouth back to it’s original beauty. This is usually a quick and simple process that can be done at almost any dentist or oral surgeon. Every case is a little bit different of course but generally getting a dental implant just takes an afternoon and then you are ready to walk out of there with a full and beautiful smile again.

oral surgeonIf a number of your teeth have either already come out or are damaged past repair, you might be on the lookout for affordable dentures. Dentures can either be in a full set, just the bottom jaw, just the top or sometimes just part of the mouth. Affordable dentures can bring your smile back to what it was years before and help a number of different fractions of your health. Dentures have also changed substantionally during the past decade or so. Affordable dentures no longer have to be the old things that you see in movies that people take out and night and put in a glass of water on the night table. A few forms of affordable dentures now are more similar to dental implants than any kind of dentures in the past. Usually within just one day, an oral surgeon can put in a kind of affordable dentures called All-on-4 that are permanently fixed to your mouth so you do not have to worry about complicated and difficult care for your dentures. All you have to do is to keep taking care of your teeth like you have been since you were old enough to hold your own tooth brush and you never have to worry about all of the mess, creams and restrictions that used to come with people who would wear dentures.

The whole process of getting both dental implants or dentures is so much easier and better that if you think that you could benefit from getting either of these processes and you have not yet, I would really suggest that you hurry and go talk to an oral surgeon or even your normal dentist to see if they have any suggestions that can help you make your mouth and healthy and your smile as beautiful as you have always wished.

What Does a Periodontist Do?

You’ve heard a friend mentioning a visit to a periodontist. This leaves you wondering what these types of professionals do anyway. How different are they from a regular dentist or a cosmetic dentist? Let’s start with comparing them with cosmetic dentists. Periodontists are a special type of dentist and unlike cosmetic dentists they are recognized as a special field.

dental implant


The main function of a periodontist is to treat oral inflammation. While a general dentist can do this type of work, being a specialist means that they have additional training beyond what they have studies. In fact in addition to new trainings, they take an additional three years of education in addition to what they have taken in dental school. Because of this they are more efficient when it comes to treatment and diagnosis of oral health they have additional techniques and are more up to date with regards to the technology.

Aside from oral inflammation, they also treat serious cases of periodontal diseases. These include conditions from something as simple as halitosis to something as complicated as bleeding gums or gum recession. Treatments also differ depending on the type and severity of the condition. There is a choice to use surgical treatments or non-surgical treatments. There is also plastic surgery if the need arises. A periodontist can also place or repair any dental implants you may already have.

Unlike a general dentist, in your first visit the periodontist will review your medical and dental records. This is important since he or she needs to determine what conditions may affect your treatment. For example if you have heart conditions or even diabetes, they will advice alternative treatments for you.

Once the review in concluded, he or she will check if your gum line is experiencing any recession. They will also assess how your teeth fare when biting. The professional will also use a probe, which is an instrument used to measure the space between your gums and teeth. Knowing it will help determine how healthy your gums are. In worse scenarios they may require to take x-ray.

So when should you see a periodontist? The quick answer is it depends. There are cases when the problem you are experiencing can in fact be managed by a general dentist. However when the general dentist believes that you are already showing signs of periodontal disease then he or she may refer you to a specialist. In conjunction with the general dentist, the specialist will determine what treatment you need and how fast you need it. After all, what better way of protecting your oral health than with two experts right? Hopefully by now you have a clearer idea of what this type of specialist does. Remember that when in doubt, you can always go to another specialist if you do not agree with the diagnosis. To know more about the different procedures you can undergo or know more about oral health in general, take time and go to Boulder Implants & Periodontics.  It has everything you need to know especially about periodontists.

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