What To Avoid When Taking Your Littles To The Dentist

Taking you little ones to the dentist can seem like a huge deal. It doesn’t matter if it is your child’s first visit right before their first birthday or their tenth visit at about age six, there are some things that you should and shouldn’t do to make the visit go smoother.

  1. Avoiding projecting any fears or negative feeling you have for the dentist on your child. Just because you hate the dentist or your mouth hurts after a cleaning, it does not mean that your child will have the same experience. Your child might like the attention and atmosphere so before you set them up thinking that the dentist is a necessary evil, wait and see how it goes first.

    Helping your child brush their teeth can help them feel more comfortable with a dentist doing similar.

  2. This next point goes right along with the first. Do not let your child hear you complain or talk badly of the dentist. This also includes having their older siblings or other friends or family members. If the child thinks the dentist is a bad guy who hurts his parent or sibling, he is automatically going to have a negative perception of the dentist and you are increasing your chances of being the parent of the kid who bit the dentist.
  3. Do not take your child to the dentist on a crazy day for you. If you are stressed out, have a lot going on, or in a hurry, your child will feel it. This will increase their anxiety too. Instead, try and schedule dentist appointments on days that you can focus on your child without feeling stressed or worried about all the others things on your list.
  4. Do not take your child to a regular dentist. This means that you should take your child to a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists actually have 2 to 3 extra years of training over regular dentists. This extra years of training is spent learning how to specifically help children and those with special needs feel more comfortable at the dentist, and the training is also to help them understand the various needs of teething, baby teeth, and the transition to adult teeth. Your child will have a more personalized, more comfortable experience with a pediatric dentists, and you can feel good knowing that this dentist is very qualified to work with your child.
  5. Do not give up helping your child brush their teeth. It can definitely be a battle to help babies, toddlers, and young children brush their teeth if they do not want to. There are definitely some fiery, determined children in the world, but helping them brush their teeth will benefit them in many ways. Obviously, clean teeth are healthier. Healthier teeth and gums means that dentist appointments will be more comfortable and less painful. Helping them brush their teeth also helps a child be more comfortable with a dentist looking inside their mouths. This can make the experience a lot less scary.

These are a few tips that can help you and your child have the best experience possible. Soon enough, your child will be a pro at going to the dentist and your own fears about taking them will fade away.

How cosmetic dentistry can change your life

For the most part in our lives we are told to be happy with what we have. We all have things about our bodies that we don’t like or that we wish we could change. For most things the advice to just be happy with you are is a good piece of advise. If you keep on trying to fix things that are not quite perfect, you are going to spend your life unhappy and always searching for the next thing to “fix.”
dentist While it is important to be happy with the people that we are and with the way that we look, that is not to say that doing a few things over time to help you be healthier and happier is a bad idea. Take for example cosmetic dentistry from professionals like the ones at DeVaney Dentistry. Cosmetic dentists can do a lot to help make your smile look much better than it currently does. No matter if your teeth just need a little bit of whitening, if you have gaps in your smile that you don’t like or if you lost a tooth somehow and would like to have a false tooth put in, there are a lot of things that the cosmetic dentists can do for your smile that is going to not only make it look better but also make you healthier and happier. We may see our smiles as a flashy and purely physical thing but our teeth play a big part in the health of our overall body. If we are not able to chew our food correctly because of pain or misaligned teeth, it can have negative affects for the rest of your body in many more ways than you expect. Because of this, when you get a cosmetic dentist to fix some of the problems you have with your smile, it is not only about looking better but it is about being healthier.

There are a number of things that a cosmetic dentist can do for your smile. Some are of course just cosmetic or just to make your teeth or your smile look better but a number of the procedures can also help with realigning your bite and reducing possible pain in your mouth. Most of the time when people come to visit a cosmetic dentist, they can fix most of their problems with one or a combination of a few options. These options include changing the size, shape and alignment of certain teeth, fill in the spaces or the gaps between your teeth, move the teeth slightly or filling in gaps to align teeth again, bleach or whiten the teeth, repair or replace broken, decayed chipped or cracked teeth, replace missing teeth or replace old and ugly dental treatments like crowns that you might have gotten a long time ago. All of these procedures are quite simple and can be done by a skilled dentist in a day or so. They are all easy procedures but they can make a huge difference in the way that your smile looks and therefore the way that you feel about your smile.


Common problems solved by going to the dentist

dental implantsWe all have many common problems that happen as a part of our daily lives. Our body much like everything else in the whole is in a constant state of decay which means we need to do activities that revitalize us and make us feel better. Some of these activities are thing like diet and exercise which help us all quite a lot but others are things like going to the doctor or dentist and making sure our bodies are in perfect working condition. Now I know most people go to the doctor on a regular basis, at least once a year for a check up but not everyone goes to the dentist and that is just as important. A good dentist can help you deal with problems before they arise and make small issues go away before they have a chance to become something bigger. So now that you know that we all should go to the dentist we need to find out what the dentist can help us with and this can be a variety of things. If you are looking for a good dentist in your area then I would suggest heading over to http://www.drdevaney.com/ as they have a great dental office and staff that can help you with many different issues that are important to you. So read on for a list of problems that can be easily solved by going to the dentist.

The first one is something people have struggled with probably since they were young kids and that is getting a cavity but do people really know what cavities are. The thing about cavities is you need to know a bit more about how your mouth works before you can fully understand what they do to your body. Your teeth are hard much like your bones and they have protective covering over the top of them called enamel. You want to keep a strong coat of enamel on your teeth so they do not slowly break down. So you might be wondering what is breaking my enamel down well that is the gross part. You might not know it but your mouth is filled with bacteria some of it is good and some is bad but it is absolutely covered with tiny microscopic organisms that all vary in terms of what they do. One of those bacterium releases a chemical that breaks down the enamel on your teeth. if the enamel breaks down then it is easier for the bacteria to drill its way down into the root at the center of your tooth. Once that happens the root could die and the tooth will die with it which means it will need to be removed entirely. The way to get rid of this bacteria is to remove its food source which is ironically the particles of food left over from your past meals that remains on your teeth. The bacteria eats this food then grows and produces the chemical. In order to stop it you brush your teeth removing the food. Go see a cosmetic dentist.


As we get older we tend to start to pay attention to our health. By the time we hit 40, our bodies start telling us that we can’t do all the things we once could. We have to get to sleep a little earlier and eat a little better. We are just passing through another stage of life and as long as we take care of ourselves, life keeps running smoothly. It is strange considering how we tend to take better care of our bodies as we age, that we tend to neglect our oral health even more. What causes people over 40 to stray from the path of good oral hygiene and why is it more important than ever for adults to take care of their teeth?

First of all, as they say in both the dentist office and the medical office alike, “health starts and ends in the mouth.” This is not just a nifty saying either, new studies are showing clear evidence between the oral health of a person and the health of their heart and circulatory system. When people have certain gum diseases or when they suffer from the lack of nutrient in their mouths, they also tend to have heart problems. A good dentist has always been able to spot underlying health issues from a simple dentist check up. So then, as we add on the years, it only makes sense that we give more care and concern to our mouths, to try and help ensure the health of the rest of our bodies. It is also important to remember that as we age, those of us who smoke or use other tobacco products are at a heighten risk for oral cancer and having a regular dentist visit is an effective way to screen for potential future problems.

The next big issue faced by adults who start to see less and less of their dentist is the risk of tooth decay and loss. All our lives, from the time we are children at the family dentist, they tell us the same thing, “Take care of your teeth, you only have one set.” Unfortunately for many people, they never heed that warning, and only realize the importance of taking care of their teeth once it is too late. Good oral hygiene is a lifelong journey which must always be given the best attention. One of the saddest things to see is when people lose their teeth because of neglect and have to get dentures. Sadly, many people believe that dentures are the same as teeth and even easier to take care of. What people do not realize is that once you lose your teeth, your sense of taste changes, and your ability to speak changes and even what you can eat is not the same. Our teeth are an important part of who we are and if we want to live long and healthy lives we have to see to it that our mouths are as healthy as the rest of our bodies.


Dentists can help you with your TMJ, migraines and sleep apnea.

Did you know there are plenty more services than just teeth cleaning and fixing of cavities that a dentist can do for you? Whether many of us know this or not our dental health actually can affect many other aspects of our lives. If you get the proper dental care you can actually relieve many other ailments that might be causing you minimal to extreme family dentistdiscomfort. Some of those ailments are Temporomandibular disorders or more commonly known as TMJ, migraine head aches, and sleep apnea. Specifically the dental team at Willow Creek Dental are well equipped to help individuals deal with any of these issues as well as of course teeth cleaning, whitening, etc. 

So how do the dentist at Willow Creek help you with your TMJ? Easy. All they have to do it adjust your bite or the placement of your jaw. TMJ is caused by problems with the jaw and surrounding facial muscles that can cause grinding of your teeth. This also results in head aches, jaw pain and can making chewing an issue. They help with your TMJ without prescription pills. They will help you to realign your jaw with various methods that are easy and safe. You will experience the world in a totally different way when you ask the family dentists at Willow Creek for their help with your TMJ.

In the same vein as this, migraines are often caused by jaw issues as well. In fact migraines are often a result of TMJ. If you are not experiencing migraines and just regular head aches you still should ask the dentists at Willow Creek about what their suggestions are for you. In fact their excellent services can help relieve a number of symptoms: jaw joint noise, ear congestion, clenching of the jaw, neck or shoulder pain, fatigue, limited opening, dizziness,  ringing in the ears, grinding, postural problems and sore face muscles. It makes sense that all of these issues can be connected together. As your jaw is a part of your skeleton and it’s the closest joint to your brain it makes sense it can cause these kinds of issues. The cosmetic dentists at Willow Creek will help.

Sleep apnea is also a serious issue that many Americans suffer from. Many people did not know that a dentist can help ease the discomfort and dis-ease that comes from experience severe to moderate sleep apnea. One way that you can prevent the blocking of the air way that causes the fatigue and allows for the risk of heart attack to be increased is through wearing a mouth guard that opens up the airway. SomnoDent MAS is designed to act in place of the air machine that is most commonly used to treat sleep apnea. This mouth guard helps you to breathe at night which reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and fatigue.

There are many things that a dentist can do to help you feel better. Many people didn’t now they can help with head aches and sleep but it is possible when you go to Wilow Creek Dental.