Even though there may exist a great demand for a product or service, success is not ever guaranteed in business. Sometimes the choices made by people starting out in an industry can lead to their quick downfall, in other instances companies that have been working in an area for a long period of time may grow over confident, start making too many assumptions about their clients and eventually fall from the top. The essential oil industry is a fairy new one in the USA, but one with amazing potential. Many business men have already made a small fortune, or on the path to doing so, while other are going to struggle to stay afloat. Knowing as much about the business as possible is always the best protection against the problems that may arise in the future. Below is a list a list of two different problems that may harm an essential oil company, as well as possible solutions for each problem.

  1. Lack of stock can always be an issue hiding just around the corner that can damage an essential oil company badly. In the essential oil industry, there are times when sales are steady, when from week to week you only sell a certain number of oils and you have enough left for possible extra sales. There are other times when you get slammed with orders, when people ask for oils by the boxful, and if you get swept up during a moment of oil craze without enough product, it could damage your reputation and drive customer to look for other dealers. Every time a doctor on a daytime talk show mentions treating a breathing problem with an essential oil diffuser as a cure for some ailment, or that a health magazine publishes an article about certain oil’s benefits, people start to really buy up all the oils they can find. Sometimes these sudden bursts of sales can be detrimental to a company, if they are not able to meet the demand. For web based companies like, the demand that can occur when aroma therapy gets some media coverage, are easy to deal with because they have ample space for stock, but for smaller shops the challenge may be harder to deal with. A sound piece of advice for the small time oil dealers would be to rent a small storage space for their oils, so that in the case that there is a sudden jump in sales, they don’t get left behind. Remember, oils don’t go bad; so long term storage is never an issue.
  2. A lack of good advertising can also be the downfall of an organic essential oils Some people that work in an area like alternative medicine, might think that the industry is very relaxed and organic, that they don’t need to keep up with all the usually demands put on companies in the sales world, yet that doesn’t apply to the sale of essential oils. Just as with any business, if you want it to grow then you had better develop a good advertising strategy.

Make sure you consider essential oils when searching for the right beauty products for your skin

Adjusting to a new climate or a change in temperature can be difficult for anyone, and it is especially harsh on the skin and the immune system. Drastic temperature drops or rises can stress the body and skin out, and what you usually use on your skin in one climate does not necessarily carry over into the next. If the weather fluctuates considerably from day to day, you might be struggling to find the right products for your skin and hair, as well as figuring out when to use what product.

In a humid climate, there is ample moisture in the air and you might think a basic lotion or sunscreen will do the trick. You would mostly be right, except for the fact that more moisture in the area also means more particles and pollen. More particles and pollen mean more allergies, and people with allergies suffer from respiratory discomfort at varying times of the year. Figuring out how to cope with those can be difficult, and can involveessential oils a lot of medications that a person might not want to take. Before undergoing a full dose of allergy medicine, consider adding essential oils to your daily routine. Using an aromatherapy nebulizer and essential oils in the evening while you sleep can help boost your immune system and relax your respiratory discomfort. The health benefits of essential oils are extensive and can help ease a lot of symptoms, if not get rid of the problem altogether.

In a dry climate, there is less pollen and particles in the air. In fact, they used to send tuberculosis patients to places like Denver, which has high altitude and thin air, because it would allow the respiratory system some freedom from moisture. But dry air can cause a lot of stress and damage on a person’s skin, so adding essential oils to this regimen can help as well. Adding them to lotions, body washes, and body butters can help ensure that your skin is getting as much nutrition and hydration as possible. Between adding essential oils to your routine and drinking plenty of water, your skin should start to recover from the shock of a dry climate quickly. Finding that out ahead of time can make sure you have the resources ready to go as soon as you start to feel that dry air.

These are just a couple of ways that essential oils can help your body adjust to a new climate, whether you are moving from a dry one to a humid one, or a cold one to a hot one. How you use essential oils completely depends on your needs, but there are essential oils to fit just about every possible need that a person could have or want. There are numerous health and beauty benefits to using essential oils in a variety of ways, so there is no reason not to stock up on several of them from Plant Therapy today. Consider keeping extras around for guests, or giving them as gifts.