Best wedding present ideas for your new husband includes a home theater system

Getting married is a life altering event, and while it does not always have to be all pomp and circumstance, it still deserves a celebration. Not everyone likes a big flashy ceremony, and more and more people are choosing to elope these days. However, whether you choose a small and intimate setting or a huge reception and bridal party, one of the things you do not want to forget about is getting your new husband a wedding gift. You most likely registered for gifts as a couple to include such things as sheets, towels, dishes, and other around the home type things. But selecting personalized gift to present him with on the day of or shortly after the wedding is a really nice touch and a great way to kick off the marriage. He is going to get you a gift as well, do not worry! Here are a few suggestions that have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years in case you are running out of ideas after the holidays and birthdays you have celebrated together.

  • If he enjoys alcohol, consider a wine or beer of the month type of membership for at least a year. It will be like twelve different presents showing up and there will be surprises in each one. You can typically choose a type of wine – red or white or a combination – or a few categories of beer to help personalize it to suit his style and tastes.
  • If you two love watching movies together, consider a home theater system for your new home. Or even if you have been living together for a long time, it will be a nice surprise to upgrade your living or family room into a home automation system for the two of you and ultimately a family to enjoy. Bringing the entertainment of being out at the movies into the home can make the time you spend together watching movies even more special. What other movie theater besides a home theater system will allow you watch movies on the big screen with surround sound while also wearing your pajamas?home automation
  • Think about something that he needs or wants but would never buy himself when trying to come up with ideas. Does his car need a new stereo system, and is that something he simply won’t invest in? These are the types of things that can make great gifts because it might very well be something he really wants but does not think it is worth investing in or is afraid you do not think he should spend the money. If you want him to feel treated to something special, go ahead and surprise him with something like a new stereo system.
  • Electronics never fail to be a good gift, especially for men. If he loves having the latest gadgets, get him the most recent iPad or iPhone, or even a new laptop if he has been complaining about his for months. It could simply be time to upgrade and he might be the type who puts it off.