Strategies from Orthodontist Marketing Gurus

Orthodontist marketing is an important factor in the success of an orthodontist’s practice. There are many simple ways to be able to brand and market your services online. These will help your practices generate more revenue and become more successful now that it has become a challenge for orthodontists to be able to have a steady amount of clients. When applied, these easy tasks will get you the clients you need.

Orthodontist Marketing Gurus

Ortho Marketing

Visit other local dentists – It’s always a great experience to learn from others. Being able to talk with other orthodontists will get you connections and referrals. It’s a good idea to talk things over lunch or a simple meal to be able to discuss important marketing matters that would benefit both you and the others. It’s also good to have your whole team bond with theirs, creating a friendship that would help the business, then both of you would be able to refer clients to each other and therefore earn more in the long run in a mutual relationship.

Give notes or cards to your clients – Having a simple note with your contact info can go a long way in marketing your business. Once you get a new client, it is important to show them great care to have a memorable experience in your office. As they leave, you can hand them your card or simple notes to remind them of what they have seen in your practices. They may be able to come back or even refer you to one of their friends and family.

Keep in touch with your clients – In the time of cell phones and the interned, it is easy to communicate with people around the world. You can establish a connection with your clients through these mediums so that if ever they have something to inquire they can easily contact you. You can also text them if you are willing to offer discounts or if they can share their experience in your office online. This would be a great help to your branding and becoming a well known name in the area.

Have flexible payments and offer them online – This is one of the key deciding factors patients have when they are looking for an orthodontist. They are looking for way wherein payments can be made easier and a bit lighter on budget in the long run. You may offer payments that stretch out on a daily basis or have credit cards as a valid mode of payment. Another option would be to have in house payments where you can send someone to pick up payments from your clients home. Of course, this presupposes that you have an online presence with a good orthodontist website design so you can offer those terms online.

Offer Invisalign – Many patients today seem to ask a lot about Invisalign though not many orthodontists offer this type of procedure. This creates a great demand for it and could be a great opportunity to generate more revenue. It has extra cost for the office due to the tools required, but when you know how to market it and see the patient flow then it would be a great investment to earn more.