The “need-to-know” basics of roofing

Are you currently living somewhere? Do you currently have a job? If you were able to answer yes to either of these questions then you have a roof that is over your head at least at one point in your everyday life.  This roof is what is protecting your from bad weather from landing on your head.  That heavy rain or the snow from the winter blizzard will not land on you if you are fortunate enough to have a roof that is over your head.

There are a few things about roofs that will better help you understand their structure.  Every roof contains a trusses.  This is often times referred to as the peak of the roof.  This is where the two angled sides of the roof come up and meet at a point.  A trusses is necessary when you are having a roof replacement installed or building a house for the first time.  The purpose of a trusses is to allow water, snow, or other objects to roll of the sides of your roof.  This way nothing is able to sit on the roof which would then lead to damage of the shingles and then could lead to further damage of the structure of the building or home.

During the roof replacement project you may have seen black plastic that looks like tarp.  This black plastic is put over the trusses and sides of the roof to prevent any water from leaking through the roof.  It is also there to just provide that extra support for the roof.  It can prevent things, such as trees, from causing severe damage to the roof as well.  This black tarp is basically a protectant of the wood structure of the underlying roof.

On top of the black tarp comes the shingles for the roof.  Professional roofing companies offer a variety of different types of shingles.  Based on which type of shingle you have custom chosen for your roof, the shingles will be installed according to that particular style.  You may have chosen either the shingles made of asphalt, metal, tile, or laminate.  The shingles will then be attached to the black paper that is below it.

Typically asphalt shingles or metal roofing is installed slightly different than tile shingles or laminate shingles.  This is because metal roofs contain pieces of overlapping metal.  The same thing goes for asphalt shingles.  The asphalt is usually overlapped.  For these two types of roofs the shingles will be attached to the paper closest to the ground first.  They will then be attached to the paper in layers going upwards until they reach the peak of the roof, also known as the trusses.

No matter which type of shingles that you have chosen to go with for your roofing, they will be attached to the black tarp.  The attachment will go through the black tarp and into the wood trusses and side boards of the roof.  This provides a sturdy foundation for the shingles so that they are tightly installed.  The reason that the shingles need to be tightly secured to the underlying materials is to make sure that they are able to withstand forces from the winds, rain and snow.

Heavy winds can leave a wake that will lead to roof repair and even scavenger hunts.

When I was little, we had this trampoline. Well I should say my step mother and her two roof repairchildren had this trampoline. My biological brother and I always wanted one but unfortunately we had a backyard that was not conducive to a trampoline. This was the time when you didn’t have nets along the side of the trampoline, you just let yourself go! I definitely hurt myself all the time on the trampoline. I slammed into the poles on the side, I ran into my step sister on it, I landed on her and almost hurt her, and I was bounced off and hit the ground and had the breath knocked out of me. When I was a child, we played really hard and had a total blast.

We also lived in an area of the country that had really severe thunderstorms and we would often have extremely high winds up to ninety miles an hour some times. There was definitely damage that would happen to our home, particularly we had to call in a roofing company quite a bit to come and fix the missing the shingles and things of that nature. Probably the most memorable damage that I remember was to the trampoline. My dad lived out in the country on sixteen acres of land. The trampoline was behind the house which was on the front part of the land which left the entirety of the land behind the house and the trampoline. The first time we had a massive storm after my step mom and step siblings moved out to this house and brought their trampoline, we didn’t realize what kind of wake the storm would leave. When we got out of the cellar and waiting for the light of day to expose the damage, we saw that the trampoline was completely gone.

Of course us children were incredible upset by this, but my older brother had a good eye and he saw something up in one of the trees. Believe it or not, it was totally the net of the trampoline draped around a tree. It was low enough in the branches that we were able to climb up in that tree and get it down. The net was not hurt at all. As we walked over the the tree that was a ways away from the house, we started to find pieces of piping that made up the frame of the trampoline as well as several springs. Then it became a game for us like a scavenger hunt for all of us to find the missing pieces. Our parents were more engrossed in activities like calling roofers to come out and fix the roof.

The first time this happened, we miraculously were able to find all of the missing parts to the trampoline and we got to put it back together good as new. As you might imagine, storms kept coming and we continued to have to find pieces of the trampoline. Our parents would even put aside issues like repairing the roof to help us find pieces. Slowly we lost many of the pieces or wouldn’t find them until way later. The net eventually ripped and slowly it would not be safe to jump on. But this was still a great memory.