Be sure to ask the right questions when searching for a self storage unit

Do you know what questions to ask when searching for a storage unit?  There is actually a great deal to consider.  It’s not as simple as tossing all of your belongings into a unit and calling it a day.  Can you be sure that your items won’t be damaged or stolen?  To cover all of your bases, make sure you ask a few specific questions of your new storage unit facility.

First, is the storage facility located in a place that you will have access to easily?  This question also depends on how much you will need to access your unit.  If you plan on storing things away for a while without needing them, then it is not that big of a deal if your storage unitunit is close by.  However, if you need to get to your things periodically you might want to make sure you pick a place that is on your way to work or maybe close to your home.  Within the facility, would you prefer that the door to the unit is covered or accessed from the outside?  They both have their pros and cons.  If you have larger items you might want access from the outside so that you can back a moving truck right up to the door.  If you prefer to have a climate controlled unit then it is likely that the door will be inside a building and covered.  This makes the whole process of accessing your unit more comfortable and sheltered from the elements.

If you are worried about the state of your more sensitive items while in storage then you might want to make sure the storage unit facility does offer climate controlled units.  These kinds of units are more thickly insulated and are connected to air conditioning and heating so that moisture stays down and the temperature does not get too high or too low.  This option is great if you have things like fabrics or photographs that can be easily damaged.  So make sure you ask about this option.  In addition to climate control, it is always a good idea to ask about what sorts of security measures are in place.  Security cameras are great but will anyone actually be monitoring them?  And what kinds of locks are used on the doors themselves?  Certain combination locks can be cut by thieves and replaced with different ones without anyone noticing.  Cylinder locks are much more effective and protective from theft.

So if you need to find a safe self storage unit you should ask all of the right questions.  Make sure you cover the bases of location, security, climate, and storage unit size.  You should be able to find exactly what you need and it should not cost you extra.  When you consult the professionals who have been in the business for a long time they should know exactly how to provide security and comfort to their customers.  So no matter what your reasons are for needing a self storage unit, you can find what you need all in one place.

Why is a controlled temperature so helpful in a self storage rental unit?

Depending on where you live in the country, certain extreme temperatures can be more of a nuisance.  If you are seeking a self storage unit to protect some of your items during a move or other life change, finding a temperature controlled unit might be pretty important.  Some things that you put in storage are pretty durable and won’t require controlled temperatures, but there are others like some furniture, photographs, or clothes that you will want to keep free from mold, moisture, heat, or even cold.

Constant changes in temperature and humidity can cause a great deal of damage to fabrics, wooden furniture, and paper or paper-like items.  Wood can warp and flake and will never be the same after a certain amount of damage.  Fabrics and other furniture can become mildewed and full of odor.  These are things that you definitely don’t want to happen while you are using a self storage unit, which is why a temperature controlled unit or entire facility can be worth it.  Climate controlled units are created through the use of heating, air conditioning, and dehumidifying systems that kick on and off as the weather changes.  With these systems in place you can be sure that nothing in your unit will become damaged over time, even if you plan on storing them for years.  Also, when you storage unit rentaluse an entire facility that is temperature controlled you can be shielded from the elements while you are doing your packing and moving.  The process of moving things into a rented storage unit can take a lot of time and organization, so you don’t want to be rushed by a snow storm or a heat wave.  Many of these facilities also offer drive-up units to make moving in and out the heavier items much easier.  Who wants to be carrying a couch up stairs to get into a storage unit?  Definitely not you.

In addition to the option of a temperature controlled environment for your things, there are also a lot of helpful tips that can make your move into a storage unit easy and stress-free.  Firstly, know how to pack and store things might not seem like a big deal but when done the right way, it can make moving and storage a breeze.  Larger items like beds, dining tables, lawn equipment, or coffee tables should be partially or completely disassembled so that moving them will be easier.  When you begin to stack these items in your storage unit it is a good idea to put the heavier pieces on the bottom and to leave an isle for walking in between piles.  This will make things easier for you later if you come back in to look for something but you don’t want to tear apart the whole unit to find it.  That being said, if you know that there are some things in storage that you will need access to more frequently than others, make sure they are stored near the door and on the tops of any piles you have formed.  For the more delicate items that you might be worried about, store them inside larger boxes that are sturdy and won’t fall in.  This serves the dual purpose of keeping expensive items hidden so that in the unlikely event that your storage unit is broken into, it won’t seem like there is anything of incredible value sticking out.


Lock and key self storage units keep your items protected

Keeping your items under lock and key is a great way to keep them protected. There are many great benefits that you have for safety when it comes to a self storage unit. By being able to use a storage unit that has a key to keep your item safe individually as well as video surveillance and a gated area gives you all the protection to make layers of benefits between you and protecting your property. To bring your items under lock and key benefits are greatly. Also having video surveillance another different types of security measures in place helps you to know that your items are going to be protected when you put them into a storage unit. Many people choose storage units for this option and being able to store items in them makes a big difference. For years are you stored equipment that I use for work in a storage unit. It end up being one of the best places because of how safe it was for me to be able to use it to be able to benefit from me I needed it.

When you put things in storage units and helps also keep the items where you left them storage units I can’t tell you how many times I have kept items around my home especially associate with my business and things like that and later found out that I could not find the items but using a storage unit has help me greatly to always know where my items are and to have them protected. You can keep your items protected and safe sometime just not just from criminals but from people who end up borrowing it because they see that it is accessible. By being able to be moved into a location that you have the key for and to keep them out of areas where other people won’t run into them and find them. He will be able to benefit yourself greatly by being able to keep them under lock and key and benefiting from this type of storage unit. This is a great way for you to be able to greatly benefit from being able to use these items properly. You’ll be able to know your items are when you need them and not have to worry about them showing up missing and you won’t be able to know where they are or where they went last.

By you being able to know your items are you keep them better protected safe and it is a reliable place for you to be able to always go to, to find your items see you can secure within the walls. There are many great benefits from being able to use a storage unit and you’ll be able to benefit greatly from being able to keep your item safe. You can use the self storage units you’ll see that there’s a big difference in being able to find that there are many great ways to keep your item safe within them with really added protection and if you need to keep these out and separated way from other employees or even your own family you can recognize great benefits from being able to separate the items and have them stored away in storage safely you will find that your items last longer in stick around longer when they’re often protection.

Three great reasons to get a storage unit.

We live in an ever changing and complex world. There are lots of different reasons why it might be important to house our belongings somewhere other than where we live, and with self storage unit rental facilities available everywhere, it is easier than ever to store your possessions in a storage unit while you cannot have them in your home or immediate vicinity. Some people may question why a self storage unit might be necessary, but there are plenty of great reasons to rent a storage unit! In fact, so many people rent storage units that it has become easier than ever to do so. Storage unit rental facilities such as A-American self storage has all sorts of shapes and sizes of storage units so that no matter what your storage unit needs are, you will be able to get set up with a storage unit that fits you and your needs! Here are the top five reasons people seem to be using storage units and the ways that you might find yourself benefiting from a self storage unit:

1. Storing of Recreational Vehicles in the off season: Do you have a boat? An RV? A four wheeler? A jet ski? Maybe even a motorcycle? When you own a great toy or vehicle like these, you have made a sizable investment in said object. With these items, you know that it is important to take good care of them so that you do not end up wasting your investment by allowing them to get damaged. Using a self storage unit is a great way to keep your recreational vehicle safe. Some storage unit rental facilities even offer a cleaning station for your RVs so that your storage unit really is your one stop parking spot for your vehicle!

2. Death in the family: When a loved one dies and leaves a home full of things and behind, it is important to cherish these items as memories of this person. While you may be committed to saving these things, in the immediate aftermath of their passing it can be tricky to put them into your own home. A self storage unit is a great place to store everything safely and securely until you are ready to incorporate them into your home.

3. Remodeling your home: When you decide to remodel your house, you may run into a few roadblocks, such as what to do with all the items that have to be moved while the renovation is being completed. Instead of stuffing everything into a few rooms and ending up living in disarray while the renovation is completed, use a self storage unit to keep everything organized and safe while the renovation is completed. This way you will know everything is safe from the dust and mess that remodeling can cause and you will have everything ready to be replaced in your home!

There are so many great reasons to rent a self storage unit to house your possessions. What will your reason be?