Be sure to ask the right questions when searching for a self storage unit

Do you know what questions to ask when searching for a storage unit?  There is actually a great deal to consider.  It’s not as simple as tossing all of your belongings into a unit and calling it a day.  Can you be sure that your items won’t be damaged or stolen?  To cover all of your bases, make sure you ask a few specific questions of your new storage unit facility.

First, is the storage facility located in a place that you will have access to easily?  This question also depends on how much you will need to access your unit.  If you plan on storing things away for a while without needing them, then it is not that big of a deal if your storage unitunit is close by.  However, if you need to get to your things periodically you might want to make sure you pick a place that is on your way to work or maybe close to your home.  Within the facility, would you prefer that the door to the unit is covered or accessed from the outside?  They both have their pros and cons.  If you have larger items you might want access from the outside so that you can back a moving truck right up to the door.  If you prefer to have a climate controlled unit then it is likely that the door will be inside a building and covered.  This makes the whole process of accessing your unit more comfortable and sheltered from the elements.

If you are worried about the state of your more sensitive items while in storage then you might want to make sure the storage unit facility does offer climate controlled units.  These kinds of units are more thickly insulated and are connected to air conditioning and heating so that moisture stays down and the temperature does not get too high or too low.  This option is great if you have things like fabrics or photographs that can be easily damaged.  So make sure you ask about this option.  In addition to climate control, it is always a good idea to ask about what sorts of security measures are in place.  Security cameras are great but will anyone actually be monitoring them?  And what kinds of locks are used on the doors themselves?  Certain combination locks can be cut by thieves and replaced with different ones without anyone noticing.  Cylinder locks are much more effective and protective from theft.

So if you need to find a safe self storage unit you should ask all of the right questions.  Make sure you cover the bases of location, security, climate, and storage unit size.  You should be able to find exactly what you need and it should not cost you extra.  When you consult the professionals who have been in the business for a long time they should know exactly how to provide security and comfort to their customers.  So no matter what your reasons are for needing a self storage unit, you can find what you need all in one place.

Don’t forget to purchase the right moving materials prior to moving stuff into self storage.

http://www.federalwayheatedselfstorage.comOne of the greatest things a person can learn in life is to be prepared.  This is why it is such a focal point of primary education.  Unfortunately, for many people, the lesson doesn’t really sink in until well in adulthood.  Being prepared is important because it simply makes things easier.  If you have the right tools to fix an issue, for example, then the issue is more easily resolved.  If you remember to bring your rain jacket when you go hiking, then a late afternoon thunderstorm is no big deal.  And, when you go to the gym, if you remember to bring your water bottle, the workout is much more simple and enjoyable.  Being prepared is important for nearly everything in life, including moving into a self storage unit.  The more prepared you are, the easier the move will be, and the more you will be able to fit into a particular unit.  Being prepared to move into a storage unit means having the right materials.  In other words, don’t forget to purchase the right moving materials prior to moving stuff in self storage.

Many people think that if they simply put all of their things into a moving truck, drive down to storage, and throw it all into a unit, they are done with the job.  However, if you do this, you might learn that you purchased a unit that is either too large or too small.  Or, you may put things into your storage unit in such a way that it is incredibly difficult to get anything out if you want it.  Having the right materials is the best way to prevent either of these things from happening, as well as many others.

The first thing to purchase when you are moving into a storage unit is boxes of varying size.  Boxes are better than plastic containers because they are perfect squares or rectangles.  These shapes are easy to stack on top of one another or to fit around other items.  Once you have all of your boxes purchased, load each individual one with corresponding things. For example, have one box for electronics, one for books, one for bathroom supplies, etc.  Then, label the boxes.  This will make it easier for you to determine which items are where so you can retrieve anything should you need it.  The next moving supply item you must purchase is tape to keep the boxes closed.  Another great purchase before you start moving things into storage are blankets, bubble wrap, and peanuts.  The latter are to be used in the boxes to keep things from shifting around.  Bubble wrap is great because you can wrap it around the legs of furniture to protect them from scratches and other nicks.  Blankets were great to cover furniture to protect it from dust and humidity.  Ultimately, having the right supplies makes moving easier and protects your goods from being damaged.  It is also important to find a great company to rent from.  Federal Way Heated Self Storage is a self storage rental company that values your stuff as much as you do, and they offer all of the moving supplies mentioned above.