Here is why you need to invest in upholstery cleaning for your home

Many people regularly clean their floors, carpets, and rugs. You may already vacuum and mop on a regular basis. You may even already invest in a carpet and rug cleaning service because you understand the importance of taking extra care when it comes to creating a clean environment for your family and pets. However, have you thought about the upholstery in your home? There are many different reasons as to why it is important to regularly clean the upholstery in your room. Listed here are several reasons as to why you should invest in upholstery cleaning for the furniture in your home. upholstery cleaning

1. You have children. If you have children, then it is highly likely that you are in need of a good furniture cleaning. You may already keep your floors very clean and even regularly have professionals come and clean your carpets, but you should also think about cleaning your furniture in the same manner. Children can spill things as well as track in dirt and grime that can get into your furniture. By having this cleaned regularly, then you can rest assured that your children are sitting on clean and safe furniture.

2. You have pets. Likewise, if you have pets, then you will also want to get your furniture cleaned as often as you get your floors cleaned. Pets can shed hair on your furniture as well as track in dirt and grime on a daily basis from outside. This can lead to bacteria and other things embedding itself into your furniture. Even if you do not allow your pets onto your furniture, it is likely that they jump on it anyways whenever you are not home. This is also the case with cats, as they tend to roam wherever they like. If you clean it regularly, then you can prevent this dirt and hair from embedding itself into your furniture permanently.

3. You have never cleaned your furniture before. If you have never cleaned your furniture before, then you should definitely invest in upholstery cleaning so you can remove that buildup of dirt and grime that has resided in your furniture since you bought it. This will give your furniture the breath of fresh air that it needs to provide you with a clean and grime free place to sit when you get home from a long day at work.

4. You have bought used furniture. If you have bought used furniture, then you will want to invest in upholstery cleaning right away. You will want to have it professionally cleaned so that you can know that any dirt, grime, debris and hair that is in your furniture is from you and your family.

As you can see, there are many different reasons to invest in upholstery cleaning for your furniture. It is also important to seek out trusted professionals that use safe and non toxic solutions so that your family and pets will be safe from any chemicals. It would defeat the purpose of having it cleaned with toxic chemicals! Century Chem-Dry can provide you with safe and non toxic upholstery cleaning methods.


Curtice Chem-Dry is a Carpet Cleaning Company that Specializes in Carbonated Extraction.

carpet cleanerMost people with carpeted floors know that they must be vacuumed, at least once a week, if not more often.  Vacuuming is vital because it removes the layer of dirt and grime that collects on top of your carpet, over the course of that week.  Nonetheless, even if you vacuum every day, there is still dirt and grime deep within your carpet that you cannot reach, with your vacuum cleaner.  Because of this deep-rooted and troublesome grime, it is highly recommended that you also hire a professional carpet cleaner, once a year.  Doing this makes your carpet, as well as your home overall, far more clean and sanitary.  Be careful, though, because many carpet cleaners still utilize shampoo, instead of carbonation.  In Redondo Beach, Curtice Chem-Dry is a carpet cleaning company that specializes in carbonated extraction.

Carbonated extraction is a fairly new and advanced procedure that makes the old carpet cleaning techniques seem downright silly.  While the older means of carpet cleaning necessitated washing the carped with lots of water and soap, carbonated extraction is a much more precise and effective means of removing dirt, mold, and bacteria.  After all, when cleaning your carpet, the removal of germs is a top priority, and shampooing does not do a very good job of doing that.  This is because it uses a lot of water, and water is the main ingredient that is necessary for mold and bacteria.  While it seems counter-intuitive that water could make your carpet dirtier, it is true.  Because shampooing leaves your carpet wet for at least one day, mold and germs have an excellent opportunity to develop. Instead of getting your carpet cleaned, it can often have the opposite effect, leaving your carpet less sanitary than it was before.  Carbonated extraction, in addition to being the more effective carpet cleaning method in every other way, uses far less water than shampooing does.  This means that your carpet is not as wet for as long.  In fact, it should be dry enough to walk on the same day the cleaning is performed.  This saves you from having to book a hotel room, and it leaves your carpet sanitary.

Aside from carpet cleaning, Curtice Chem-Dry does provide some other cleaning services, for the various other items in your home that require professional cleaning.  Specifically, if you have rugs or upholstery that need to be cleaned, they are probably your best choice.  Different types of rugs and upholstery need to be handled differently.  While some rug cleaning can be done using carbonation, in many cases, other methods are necessary.  Though carbonated extraction uses little water, it is still too wet for some surfaces.  There are some types of upholstery that are not meant to get wet, at all.  In the case of both rugs and upholstery cleaning, they may need to take your item to the shop to be cleaned.  In the case of your furniture, the upholstery will be taken off the furniture and reattached, when the cleaning process is done.