High Priced Vinyl Records

Getting an original vinyl record copy of The Beatles’ Abbey Road would cost you around 650 dollars. Many stores sell copies around this quite large amount. Fleetwood Mac’s eponymous LP would be around 500 dollars, The Police’s Synchronicity for 350 dollars at least, or The B-52s would fetch for around 220 dollars.

Those copies aren’t even the most expensive! They are the ones considered cheap. Other pieces like The Who’s Tommy, The White Album of The Beatles and The Wall by Pink Floyd would cost a whopping 1000 dollars.

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Classic Vinyl Discs

You may think this would be price gouging, but the people selling it only sell it for what they know it is worth. Heck, even a thousand dollars is already a great price for you to get a special record that you can listen to all you want. Go on sound trips with friends and family.

Other stores even charge a lot less than what they think the record is worth. This is because customers might just balk. An appraised vinyl record of 1500 dollars might just be sold for 1000 dollars.

Some may see this as the fiscal restraint in the high-end audio market and industry where prices go around the three figure mark for pieces than have been selling in thousands of batches and could be found anywhere in the attic or basement. But there are stores that sell them at such prices due to the vinyl records being a “hot stamper”. Other records mentioned have a chance of having scratches,dents, and other undesirable aspects. But hot stampers are the best kind of vinyl record you can find.

There are a lot of factors you have to consider to know what sound quality is provided by the record. It includes the previous owners of the record, its storage medium to ensure purity and protection from harmful elements, and the nature of the machines that were used in production. An important factor that audiophiles consider would be the stampers, whether they are fresh or worn out. A stamper is a metal plate that presses the vinyl biscuit to create a record album. Metal, as what the stamper is made of, can be worn out. They have a limited use. As production goes on, the stamper will develop lots of tiny scratches and marks that will affect the vinyl record it presses. Over the stamper’s life, the vinyl it creates will have lesser quality. Many factories would only use a stamper for 1000 pressings, but during the time when vinyl records were so popular, one stamper would have pressed 10 thousand vinyl records, many of which already have marks.

The term “hot stamper” is used to describe vinyl records which were pressed early on or fresh in the stamper’s life span. This early pressing stage produced a very high quality vinyl record free from any deformities. Due to how high quality these records are it is obvious that they will sell for a very big price. It also needs the right customer to buy these high-end records.