1. The hip guy. Having records and record players is very cool today. It is no secret that some of the trendiest places in the city are littered with record stores that sell everything from 10 dollar records, to some which cost thousands of dollars. Online sites like, are swamped with backorders for people waiting to get the hottest new releases on vinyl, as well as hordes of people waiting to buy the newest turntables. The cooler having records becomes; the harder it is to get records and record equipment. It is funny that just ten years ago having a record player would have probably been something associated with older adults, and today it has become one of the hottest hobbies of the youth. Not only are people in their late twenties and early thirties buying up records like crazy, now even teenagers are getting in on the action. You can see that a lot of the music marketed at people under 18 is now coming out on record. With all the money that modern record companies are spending on vinyl record promotions, records will most likely continue to be very popular for some time to come.
  2. The music aficionado. There is an entire sea of music out there that can’t be purchased anywhere except for on vinyl records. Some of the most sought after music on vinyl is jazz. Jazz fans are very aware of different recording which can be found on record, and they never stop searching for them. Old country western records are another genre that brings in a lot of knowledgeable music fans. In the music community, if a person is able to find a rare recording of a classic musician, then they become a kind of hero for other people involved in that type of music. Once rare vinyl albums are found, they are usually transferred into an electrical file format so they can be preserved for all of time. People who upload these types of recording can expect a great many pats on their back from other musical fanatics.
  3. The DJ. There are few people who are more closely associated with records and vpi turntables, as DJs; after all, without the turntable there would be no DJ. The kind of music that is associated with DJs is very broad at the current time. It used to be that DJs spun records for music like hip hop. Later, with the rise of electronic music, the turntables became popular in many dance halls. Today, DJs can be seen playing music in almost any genre. Rock and roll uses DJ’s as we as some jazz fusion music, and even country. One of the things that make DJs and their turntables so special is the very fact that they can play with any kind of musicians and help to create new styles of music by mixing up different kind of musical samplings. DJs have been the main factor in the creation of many of today’s most popular types of music.

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