Complications in Installation that Can Cause a New Metal Roof to Leak

One of the most durable types of roofing that you can get installed on your home is Metal Roofing. With metal roofing you can expect it to last quite a long time and really protect you against the elements. However, there have been cases with metal roofing that leak even though it has only been recently set up. This can be quite aggravating for any homeowner who has spent a large amount of money on getting a metal roof and having it installed. So as durable as metal roofing is, why are there newly installed one’s that start to leak?

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green metal roof

If a metal roof has only recently been installed and it already starts to leak, the most likely suspect would be the installation itself. Even though metal roofs are very durable, if there is a complication in the installation, that durability would mean nothing as water can just easily get through. These complications can be result in improper calculation, lack of knowledge in installation, and human error in general. So if you have a new metal roof that is leaking, what should you be looking for when assessing? Well we are going to go through the complications in installation that can cause leaks in your new metal roof.

  • The metal panels were not locked and secured well – It is very important in the installation of Metal Roofing that the panels are tight and secure. If ever there are panels in the roof that are not locked and secured well, they can come loose which creates open spaces where water can easily go through.
  • The coating is not enough – When a roof is installed, it should be applied with some coating which will help seal the tiniest crevices in the roof. Should the coating be insufficient, water can just easily find its way in through an uncoated area or one that wasn’t coated properly during final installation.
  • The roof slope is improper – In order to make sure that water runs down the roof, the slope of the shingles has to be appropriate. The minimum ideal slope is 4/12 inches. If the slope of your metal roof is less than that like 3/12 inches, then it will most likely result in a leak.
  • Flashing on roof is insufficient – When setting up a metal roof, flashings are used to secure vulnerable areas such as around a chimney or above sky lights. If the flashing is not enough or of poor quality on these areas, the water could just leak through quite easily.
  • Flashing on sides is insufficient – Just like the flashing over the rooftop, the flashing on the sides particularly the ones contacting the wall is important to keep the water out. Should these flashing be lacking or not enough, water can penetrate resulting in water running down your inside walls.

Now that you know all about these installation complications, you can try to take a look at your Metal Roofing should there be a leak early in its lifespan.