Custom Home Builders: Your Help in Creating Your Ideal Home

Outdoor furniture is a growing niche in the world of home furnishings. And what’s not to like about it when they are generally low maintenance and meant to withstand exposure to the elements. Even better is the designs found in the market can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In the rocky mountain states, these all-weather furniture come into play beautifully. I had the pleasure of working on a custom built home located in one of the Century Communities for their interior styling. The home is amazingly beautiful, one that is worthy of a spread in any architecture and interior design magazine. Every brick, window, panel is well thought out, and for this I salute new home construction firms because the quality and the experience shows in every nook and cranny of the house.

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My client bought the property to make it a family getaway on holidays and the summer. The wise use of space and the respect for the terrain shows in every detail. The view from backyard, where there is a stone barbecue pit, is breathtaking that it’s almost surreal. It has all the trappings of modernity and despite the privacy, it is very much well connected with the rest of the virtual world. Anyone can spend a peaceful weekend to get away from the stress of the busy city life, or even to just disappear into one’s own world for a few days in this house and enjoy one’s company in their solitude.

It is one of those places that Hemingway would have wanted to escape to and create stories meant for greatness. My client many not be anywhere near becoming a legendary great but he is a self-made man whose idea of luxury is having a very private haven for him and his family, where only those who are family or the best of friends will have the privilege of visiting.

Hence, my role in creating the atmosphere that he wants his house to exude. He wants the place to be a second home to his family, one where any member of the family can create family traditions. I have been contracted to be their stylist for the entire property. I can picture very comfortable outdoor furniture to nestle in on cool nights and exchange stories in front of the fire pit. I am thinking of lending an air of indulgence, so I am looking at putting reclining beach chairs even when there is no pool to accessorize. I can see family sipping iced tea and lounging on these reclining beach chairs as they watch the sun set.

Right now the sun is setting, and the sky is ablaze with vivid colors in various hues of orange and red. I am sitting on the steps of the back porch and weaving dreams of my ideal home. Ah, the perks of styling people’s homes allows me to create my own with each project. Every family should have its own Shangri-la, where the world is perfect and exciting at the same time. This home is what my dreams are made of. Custom home builders are your allies in that.