Don’t skip out on presentation, make sure you have copper mugs

Maybe some of us would like to think that as long as we make good food or drinks that that is all that we are going to need in order for people to recognize our value and to see what we are really made of but sadly it takes more than that some times. Having the right presentation can be a huge part of the process and a huge part of how people see you and see the product that you are offering. For example, you would never serve a martini in a plastic glass or serve an expensive dish in a bowl with everything mashed together. So why then do so many people, bars and restaurants serve drinks like Moscow Mules in plastic or glass cups? If you want to show people that you really know what you are talking about and know what you are doing, you have to go all of the way and make sure that your presentation is the best that it can be.

The example Moscow Mules I find is such a good example but it is really one of those drinks that you can serve in a normal glass but once you pull out the solid copper mugs, it just makes the whole experience so much better and it shines such a good light on the bar or restaurant that is serving it. Copper mugs are not expensive or difficult to find, you can even find wholesale copper mugs through a company like Custom Copper Mugs. Not being difficult to find or expensive, when a bar pulls out solid copper mugs it doesn’t mean that they are trying to be overly fancy or be something that they are not, it means they know what they are doing when it comes to seriously good cocktails. Solid copper mugs from a retailer like Custom Copper Mugs have become so popular and so associated with Moscow Mules because they really do something to make the drink pop. It is not going to totally change the taste of the drink but it has been shown that the copper in the mugs make the ginger ale pop more and be slightly more carbonated, the lime is going to have a bit more zest and a bit more spring and possibly most importantly, the copper mug acts as a great insulator so that your drink is going to stay a lot cooler for a lot longer. If you go ahead and get the copper mugs with the handle, you can even keep your body heat from transferring to your drink so that you can enjoy a cool and crisp drink the whole time, even if it is really hot and sunny. Since copper mugs don’t break as well, it means they are essentially a one time investment for your bar so it isn’t even expensive for your bar or restaurant to make a huge step in showing that you know what you are talking about when it comes to cool cocktails.