Electric Bikes enhance the experience of riding a bike

With so many new models and brands of bicycles that are currently hitting the market, it can be hard to keep up with all of it. Electric bikes, or Ebikes, are currently rising in popularity, so they are starting to show up in a lot more bike magazines, showrooms and bike shops.  With how pervasive they are becoming in the mainstream market, there is still a pretty large group of people that are not familiar with how Ebikes work and what the benefits are to them as bicycle enthusiasts. If you have never laid eyes in an electric bike in motion, it can be easy to mistakenly think that they are a minimalist motorcycle or a moped. While electric bikes do have a motor component to them, the bike itself visually is much closer the aesthetic of a regular bike versus a motorcycle or moped. In fact, there are many people out there that have tricked out their own bicycle in order to transform it into an Ebike. All they really need to do in order to accomplish this is to make a few adjustments to the gears in order to add a motor and a battery to power the motor.  Since not all people that ride bicycles are also accomplished bike mechanics, many people have found it to be easier to simply purchase an electric bike directly from the shop instead of trying to turn their own bike into an ebike. Many shops like Small Planet EBikes offer a wide range of different types of ebikes as well as Electric bike accessories.

Electric bikes are different in the sense that they can provide more options to the person that is riding them. Even though a bicycle has a motor, that does not mean that the option to propel the bike forward by pedaling has been taken away. Instead, the person riding the bike can make a choice: they can choose to pedal the ebike just like they would a regular bicycle, or they can choose to rely on the motor to take them forward. Electric bikes can enhance the ride of a cyclist, but they do not fully replace the idea of riding a bike. The electric bike motors are battery operated and they are not intended to run for long periods of time more than an hour at time for example. They can be a great assistant to a bike rider that is trying to get up and over a big hill, or perhaps they have ridden a few miles further than they realized and now they just do not quite have the energy to get themselves all the way back home. Or perhaps they even just want the opportunity to not exert themselves for the last few miles of their bike ride (especially handy for bike commuters that do not want to show up to work covered in sweat but they still want to ride their bike. Ebikes help solve all of these problems while not taking away from the joy of owning and riding a bike.