Find hand-crafted and personalized home decor for your family

When shopping for your family you only want the best.  It can be difficult to decipher the good from the bad origins of products when large department stores put stamps on everything.  How can you be sure that your products are environmentally and socially friendly?  Many apparel products that we buy come from all parts of the world and are made by individuals who are not paid fairly for their labor.  At the same time, you can’t always afford to buy the home-made items that you want to because many are overpriced.  There is a happy medium to all of those points, and that is Oh, Little Rabbit.  They started out as a favorite past time and have evolved into an original craft outlet for conscious buyers.

Husband and wife Jason and Cara Hibbs share a love for printing and they started by making fun and unique gifts for family and friends.  But as more and more people caught personalized hand towelson to their high-quality printing the couple thought that perhaps they could make the leap into printing full time.  Now, they create and provide organic, non-toxic apparel and accessories for adults and kids.  Their onesie collection alone shows how talented they are and how fun the whole line is.  You can get organic cotton onesies and t-shirts for babies and toddlers that flaunt your family’s unique style.  They come with designs featuring bees, fish, bears, giraffes, and other fun prints.  They extend these same designs onto napkins, tote bags, pillows, or anything else in your home that can be printed on.  They have created a way for you to enjoy art while you wear it or use it.  Providing eco-friendly products is very important to the Hibbs so they put effort into each and every print and design they do.  They put out products that reflect who they are and what they enjoy, and hence their customers are of the same mind.

Oh, Little Rabbit uses organic and recycled materials as much as they can.  No matter what, they only use water-based, nontoxic inks for their printing.  Their images are 100% original.  Jason and Cara draw all of their images and print all of their pieces by hand.  In addition, they also package each order themselves.  They do what they love and they love what they do.  Unique onesies and personalized towels are just a tip of what they can do.  You can get yourself custom printed aprons, napkins, shirts, throws, tapestries, or anything else you have in your home.  The creators of Oh, Little Rabbit want you to be able to wear, display, and enjoy art in your everyday life.  It doesn’t just need to be hung on a wall, but it can be integrated and used while it decorates.  You can dodge all of the big departments stores that only sell chemically processed apparel that was made in a sweat shop a million miles away.  You can get clothes and accessories for your family that is organic, nontoxic, and socially responsible.