Finding the right custom window shades is easier when the company you’re working with comes to you.

http://www.shadesonwheels.comOne of the most frustrating parts about working with modern businesses is that most of them are understaffed. The vast majority of companies out there today are publicly owned, which means that they’re constantly looking for ways to increase their profits and thus increase the profits of their shareholders. One of the most common ways for businesses to do this is to have less employees on their payroll and to have more of their systems automated. It’s why you’re starting to see more and more businesses have self check-out lines, why you’re being approached less by staff members in stores to see if you have any questions, and why you’re having a hard time finding people to assist you when you need help. Companies all across the country are downsizing their staffs in an effort to continue to lower their prices.

While lower prices are something most consumers can get behind, the fact remains that worse customer service isn’t a good thing. It’s becoming harder and harder for consumers to get their questions answered, to get advice on certain products, and to find products once they’re in a store. This is true for all industries, including custom window shades. All across the country, businesses that sell custom window shades and other window treatments are downsizing their staffs to lower their costs.

Fortunately, there is one company out there, Shades on Wheels, that is bucking this trend to downsize their staff. They understand that cutting back staff hours is a good way to save money, but they also realize it’s a good way to offer terrible customer service to their clients. They know that their business is only as good as the people they have working for them, and they also realize that most homeowners have a great number of questions when they’re shopping for custom window blinds, shades, shutters, or drapes. Since most homeowners know relatively little about these products a great amount of educating generally must go on, and that simply can’t happen if there’s no one for the customer to talk to. Thus, instead of cutting back on customer service, Shades on Wheels is stepping up their investment in their employees.

This is exactly why Shades on Wheels goes directly to their customers. Instead of sitting in their showroom and waiting for people to come in, Shades on Wheels schedules appointments with their customers and goes directly to them. This means that they end up meeting with each of their potential customers one-on-one in the customer’s home. Instead of the customer having to fight for the attention of a staff member who is working with a dozen people, they get their undivided attention. This means any questions they have or thoughts they’ve been thinking can be expressed, and the representative can give them any expert advice that they might have. Shades on Wheels firmly believes, and their success would back this up, that their commitment to customer service is what separates them from their competition. Instead of cutting back on customer service and staff, they are investing in it more, and the end result is a company fully committed to offering the best service available in the window treatment industry.