While people have been experimenting with different ways to fix orthodontic issues since the time of the ancient Egyptians, what we know today as modern dentistry has only been around for about thirty years. In thirty years orthodontics has changed a great deal. Perhaps the most noteworthy of all the changes to come about in dentistry in the last few decades has been the fact that it has become available to so many more people than it was in the past. This year saw record numbers of graduates from orthodontic schools across the nation, and that number is expected to hit a new high every year for the next three years to come. Orthodontics is an extremely popular area of studies for young dental patients since orthodontics pays so well, and because there is so much opportunity out there for people with orthodontic degrees to work. Besides being one of the most popular choices among dental students, orthodontics has grown so much because of all the efforts made by the national dental association during the 90’s to educate the public about orthodontic work. Orthodontics didn’t really come to be as important as it is today until the last part of the 90’s, following the efforts of men and women in the dental association to bring knowledge about orthodontics to a wider array of people. The dental associations took all sorts of different measures in order to bring the news about orthodontic work to more people. During the 90’s dentists and orthodontists paid for TV ads on primetime spots, they visited schools and other community centers, and they even placed billboards along the nation’s major highways, all in an attempt to get people interested in orthodontics. Today, the web is also a powerful tool for spreading the word about orthodontic work, as sites like, are loaded with information about many of the areas in which orthodontist work. Many people have even begun to call the current time, the golden age of orthodontics. People now have plenty of options when it comes to getting orthodontic work done. Even the smallest towns in the country have good orthodontic care facilities, and in medium or large cities there are hundreds of different options for people on the market for orthodontic work. Not only are there more places where people can receive orthodontic care, there are also more ways in which orthodontic care can be given. New types of braces, such as invisalign braces, make it possible for people to correct orthodontic problems without anyone even knowing that they are undergoing treatment. There have also been a number of exciting advancements made in the area of tooth implants. Today’s tooth implants are so close to the look and feel of a real tooth, that without an x-ray, even a dentist couldn’t tell the difference between an implant and the real thing. Like braces, dental implants are easier to get nowadays than they were in the past, which means that more people are able to enjoy the benefits of orthodontic work.