Heighten your home’s curb appeal with faux stone siding

Many home owners want to change the exterior of their home to add a little curb appeal but feel trapped and locked into what their house currently looks like. This can be detrimental if you consider yourself an individual and live in a housing development where all the houses look just the same. So there are a few things that people often try to do to make their home look a little different than their neighbors. Most popular is the choice to paint the exterior of the home. This can drastically change the way your house looks and add a bit of your personality to your exterior. However, it does not change the fact that the houses on either side and in front and back of your home are exactly the same size, shape and design. So some people choose to add a deck or porch. This also can be an excellent idea and will change the exterior look of your home as well. However, unless you have some background in construction or are hiring a pricey contractor to do the work for you, you are likely to be left with a deck that looks as though an amateur built it. This idea certainly does change the curb appeal of your home, just maybe not in the positive way you were hoping for. So what can a home owner do to make their house look a little different than all of the other homes in their neighborhood?  Add a faux stone design to the exterior of your home.

Any home can do this type of project and it is often overlooked by so many people who feel as though they are stuck in the exterior design of the house they purchased. A stone façade can add value to your home and really make it stand out from those around you. Perhaps you would like to only do the lower level of your home in stone exterior. This will add texture and variance to your home and give you that wow in your curb appeal that you brick veneerhave been waiting for for so very long. Or perhaps you do have a construction background or you did hire that pricey contractor to come and build you a deck on the front of your house. If that did not change the exterior look enough for you, maybe you could consider adding stone around the deck poles. Nothing is more dramatic than free standing poles made of (or at least designed to look like they were made of) stone, holding up your beautiful new deck for you and your family to enjoy. Many people think that you need to completely take down the exterior walls of your home to add stone. This is completely untrue. If you want stone exteriors on your house you can add a stone veneer or a brick veneer to the exterior of any pre existing exterior surface you may have. It is almost like adding stone siding. So when the time comes for you and your family to add wow factor to the exterior of your home, consider stone siding.