Here are the best cities for artisan cocktail bars

Artisan cocktail bars are starting to pop up more and more in hip, trendy locations all over the world. They are a place to go where you can sip on a great cocktail while also meeting new people and enjoying the atmosphere of the bar. There are many great artisan cocktail bars all over the place and probably some in your neighborhood that you didn’t even know existed! Artisan cocktail bars are the ideal location for a happy hour drink, a first date or to kick back and enjoy time with your friends. specialty cocktails

If you are seeking out the best cities in the United States for artisan cocktails, then you want to consider visiting the top five cities in the United States for premier drinks and cocktails. Listed here are the top cities for artisan specialty cocktails:

  1. Denver, CO. You can find many great bars in Denver. You can find specialty cocktail bars that created new trends, such as the Moscow Mule from Steubens. You can also find secretive and prohibition bars such as those over at Union Lodge and others.
  2. Lancaster, PA. This is a small town in Pennsylvania that is known for serving up great cocktails at a great price. You can always seek out the expert mixologists as well in order to find out more about what exactly is going into your drink.
  3. Portland, OR. Portland is one of the premier places for setting trends and molding that hipster vibe. If you go to Portland, then you will find a variety of artisan cocktail bars that will make drinks in a new way and fashion. You can also expect to find a variety of snacks and delicious treats to go along with each drink.
  4. Chicago, IL. In the heart of the Midwest, Chicago is well known for offering the perfect drinks for whatever mood that you are in and for serving up exactly what you are looking for in a drink.
  5. Steamboat Springs, CO. You can sip on a cocktail and cozy up by a warm fire when you visit Steamboat Springs. There are several great options for professionally mixed drinks that will allow you to enjoy the evening after a fun day on the slopes.

As you can see, these were just five of the many different cities that you can find premier cocktail bars in and can sip a delightful cocktail from a premier mixologist. These are laidback bar atmospheres that will give you the chance to catch up with your friends or family while enjoying a tasty beverage at the same time.

If you are in Denver, then you have a plethora of great bars to choose from. However, you will want to be sure that you choose Union Lodge 1 as one of your choices. They are the premier cocktail bar in Denver and are known for creating cocktails that will fit with all of your desires, whether you are craving a whiskey drink or a martini. So, try them out today and take a date to their laidback bar with a great atmosphere.