With the recent legalization of marijuana in most states in the country, one of the areas which have most benefited from the relaxed regulations on cannabis has been the medical cannabis research field. For decades doctors have been aware of the many possible benefits that cannabis could hold for people with all types of sicknesses, but not until now have they had so much freedom to investigate all the medicinal possibilities of marijuana. Medical dispensaries such as,, are not only production and distribution centers for the nation´s cannabis buyers, they are also a key point from which much of the important research on medical marijuana takes place. In fact, the way in which a cannabis distribution center operates remains a mystery for many people today. In this article we are going to explain how a medical marijuana dispensary operates. In some states there are cannabis distribution centers open to the public, so people that live in those areas and who may have further questions about medical marijuana could take a trip to the distribution center to see how they operate firsthand.

One of the most important areas of a distribution center is the research area. Almost all cannabis dispensaries have a sector of their facility which is dedicated to researching how cannabis can be used to treat different illnesses. Some research facilities are so large that they have hundreds of experts working in dozens of different areas of research at once. Cannabis research teams include doctors, scientists and test subjects, as well as a huge range of high-tech equipment used for advanced testing. Many of the most important findings concerning the treatment of illnesses with marijuana have been discovered in these research facilities in recent years.

Next door to the research lab is the area in which the cannabis is grown. Far from a simple indoor garden, the modern cannabis growing site is a highly technical area which uses the latest temperature controlling machinery to keep the plants in the perfect growth environment possible. People that enter the grow site of a distribution center must be wearing a full suit which is designed to avoid human contamination to the plants, which is a standard requirement of any facility where plants are grown for medical purposes. There is a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana which has over three thousand plants growing in their facility, so one can imagine just how much attention a grow site might require.

Finally, the plants are taken to a section of the facility where they are converted into different types of cannabis products. Some cannabis may be made into cannabis pills, while other cannabis is converted into marijuana edibles. All of the products which are created in this final facility are now ready to be shipped out to marijuana shops and doctor´s offices all across the nation. A single distribution facility may ship out as much as five tons of cannabis products in a single year, and as marijuana consumption continues to rise, that number will only continue to grow.