How Hunter Douglas Blinds became a household name

It can be hard to pinpoint the exact moment that a company’s brand becomes iconic. Often it can happen so gradually that the market does not even realize that a particular company has become synonymous with the type of product that they sell. For example, we may be able to point out the year that Kleenex started manufacturing and selling facial tissues, but it can be harder to narrow down and determine exactly when and how they made the transition to a standard brand name. All we know is that at some point, consumers stopped calling them tissues and started saying “pass the Kleenex” instead.

There is no clear cut path to making a brand iconic, but there are often signifiers that have to be in place in order for it to happen. Aggressive marketing that is interesting, clever and relevant is often the most important part of creating a global brand. Another important aspect is quality. It does not matter how much a marketing company spends on their advertising if they do not have a good product to back it up. A high quality product is vital to the long term success of a company and of a brand. Even though creating brand awareness through successful marketing is the most important step to creating interest and getting a customer base, the company then has to follow through with good quality and also with a good customer care team.

For example, when you think a out purchasing custom window blinds for your home, likely the very first brand that you are going to think of is Hunter Douglas shades and blinds. Hunter Douglas is by far the most popular and largest producer of window blinds, window shades and window shutters. Most companies that sell custom blinds often will not even bother to carry other brands, because the variety of selection, type, and price points that Hunter Douglas offers can often fulfill any and all of the desires that a customer may have.

Hunter Douglas blinds are one of the few products that has been able to become an iconic brand name without the need for the company to shoulder a hefty marketing budget. They stand behind the quality of their window shades without any flashy gimmicks or ad campaigns. However, this is more the exception instead of the rule when it comes to creating an iconic brand. If a company is looking into how make their own product a household name, then they are likely going to do something more than just create a good product. They have to make sure that the general public is aware of their product. Not only should the public be aware of it, but they should also want it. They have to be willing to spend their money on a specific product and to seek out companies that are selling that particular product. With these building blocks, then and only then can they begin to build a company name for themselves that will eventually turn into a household brand.