How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

The ring is a symbol of love between two people, its circular shape representing eternity and love without end. Should the time come when one decides to propose, an engagement ring will be used to symbolize their love and desire to be married. Just like a wedding ring, the engagement ring can show the couples love but unlike the wedding ring, the engagement ring does not yet show that lifetime commitment, only the desire.

Another thing that makes these different is that the wedding ring is decided as a couple, together whereas the wedding ring will be up to the one proposing leaving him with the challenge of making that choice. So how do you know that you are making the right choice?

Custom Engagement Rings

engagement ring

Well there are actually many things that you have to consider when picking out an engagement ring, but it is important to focus on what your significant other likes. I take you have been together for quite a while so I believe you are able to  distinguish what style your significant other is in to. If you are not quite sure, you can try asking a close friend of your significant other which can be a great help.

Take note of his or her favorite color, a certain shape that he or she may be in to. Those can really help and will be useful in narrowing down your choices.

Now before you go out and start listing down some choices, make sure you set the right budget for it. Engagement rings are expensive and you don’t want yourself to go into a big debt. What money then will you use when you are getting married? Make sure you stick to this budget and avoid going over it.

When you are looking into the stones of the engagement ring remember to take note of what your significant other likes. This will help you when you are faced when choosing a shape of the stone and the 4Cs which is the color of the stone, the cut or its angles, the clarity, and the carat or how big the stone is. Take note certain shapes, colors, and cuts may be more expensive and of course the bigger the carat of the stone, the more expensive it is going to be.

Just like the stone, it is also important to consider the band and the metal that it is made out of. One of the most common choices of band for the ring is the metal platinum. People like this metal since it is quite durable and it is a pure metal as well. This means that platinum is actually hypoallergenic so this might be your go to choice if ever your significant other has sensitive skin or allergy to metals.

I know that choosing an engagement ring can be tough, so don’t rush yourself. Give it time so that you will be able to make a better decision. Write down all the things you need to take note of and list down the rings you found that were fitting.