How to Protect Items in Storage Units

Keeping items in your storage rental is easy as long as you did what was needed to be done. Getting the right facility to store them in is one important factor. Another is using a moving company to transport the items from your home to the storage units. Always keep in mind that it is always better to spend a bit more to transport your things rather than you transporting them yourself. You not only ensure the safety of your stuff but also protect your car from any damage that might be incurred from improperly putting in the items.

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Once all that has been done, you don’t put them immediately inside the self storage. You need to protect them so that they get the additional protection aside from being kept in storage units. Here are some tips on how to protect three major items that most people store.

  1. Appliances

Before storing appliances, it is important that they should be cleaned first. They must be dry as well prior to storing. If it has metal parts that run the risk of rusting then wipe some machine oil on it using a cloth. This is true most especially for appliances like stoves or other cooking implements you may want to store. If there is a high chance that you will not need said appliances for quite a while then make sure to put it at the back of the unit.

  1. Furniture

When you rented a self storage because you’re moving to a new house, chances are you are probably going to have to store temporarily your furniture. If not done properly, your furniture may be ruined. The best way to go about it is to disassemble the furniture, like tables for example, wrap them using a bubble wrap. If the furniture cannot be disassembled, then store it upside down. Put some padding or paper on the floor though. Upholstery however must never be put on the floor. Finally cover them to further protect your furniture not just from moisture but pests and dusts as well. If possible get a storage rental that offers climate control.

III. Paper-Based Materials

These include books, encyclopaedias, and important documents. You probably put them in a box and then sealed it. That is a good move. However do not place them directly on the floor as it faces the risk of becoming wet due to moisture. When storing boxes with documents or books, be sure that there is some space between the floor and the box. When storing books, place them flat on the box and never on their spines as this will damage the books while in storage. If there are spaces remaining when you store the books, put some packing materials in between them. For documents, store them in a way that they are easy to retrieve. Thus the labels must be facing outwards.

There are you have. These are simple ways on how you can protect stuff that you want to keep better. Remember that you are not just storing items in the self storage rather you are storing something that has value to you.