Ideas for Landscaping Design Small Gardens

Work on a view – You can opt putting a simple pergola which can bring a whole new feeling to the landscape design. Other options you can try are arbors. These are great for you to get a frame of the whole landscape view. If you set these up, you can still mimic the framing with the right shrubs or pieces of art in your garden.

Make little backyard zones – Although it might seen contradictory and make the space seem smaller, if you take the whole space you have and divide it into several smaller spaces, it will look bigger as a whole. You can do this by setting up several groups of furniture and give the backyard a comfortable look.

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Create some coziness – Making a small space more intimate helps. When you set aside some space for a reading nook is a good idea if you want to divide the space you have to set up different atmospheres in the yard. You can lay out lots of plants, as well as an average height fence.

Maximize the color – It’s recommended that you put plants with bright and bold colors in the front of the yard. Here you will be able to see them immediately and the colors grab your attention. With the colors against the green environment, the space will look larger.

Make use of perspective – If you make use of long and straight lines in the landscape design, it will seem like the space will be larger that it is. For you to maximize this effect, create a focal point in the landscape by making the end of the lines slant towards each other. Combine fences and flowers along with a good pergola for best results.

Develop the interest – One of the best ideas you can incorporate into the landscape is to mix in unusual elements to give some drama as aesthetic relief. If you make use of hardscapes, planters, a good lawn and some pavement, the size of the space wouldn’t be noticed.

Make some unique vertical features – Bring some uniqueness into the landscape with a garden idea that doesn’t take up a lot of space. This helps to make the space feel larger. The technique of using vertical objects is called espaliering. Though looking complex, creating it is easy and gives elegance.

Make use of outside space – Your neighbors might not be using any of their space so ask them if you can make use of some of their space for you to benefit your landscaping. If you expand part of your landscaped, it will avoid feeling cramped and smaller.

Make your own yard destination – Make this the highlight of your landscape where people are eager to go to once taking a tour of your whole yard. You make use of a patio or a fire pit as your own backyard destination within the landscape design.

Maximize the plants – You can make the small space feel lusher with large and bold tropical foliage. Because of the large leaves, the small space can be made to feel a lot larger.