Many parents across the country today are deeply concerned with the state of public education today. The news is filled with stores about problems in the public school sector that range from bullying and overcrowded classes, to teachers that are unqualified to teach the subjects they are in charge of. Many parents live in school zones that pertain to schools which have such bad reputations that the parents decide to move to another part of the city rather than have their child attend such a school. On e of the aspects of private schools that most bothers people is that they can’t choose where their student will study. If a child lives in a school zone, then the child must attend the school that is set up for the zone. The zoning boards have made the issue even more complicated by mixing children from all different areas of the city into different schools, so while your child may live close to a high school, he or she may be required to go to a different school half way across town. The list of public school problems just keeps growing and growing, and now parents have started to look at different options for where they can send their kids in order to get away from the public school system. One of the most popular choices right now for people disillusioned with public schools is Christian school

There are countless great Christian schools in our country, and no matter where you live you are never too far from a good Christian school. If you ever set foot on the campus of a Christian school, you will know immediately why so many parents have decided to send their kids there instead of to a public school. Private schools are cleaner and better organized. The students are noticeably happier than their publicly schooled counterparts, and the whole place just has a better, more positive vibe. Everyone ought to take a tour of a private Christian school at least once to get an idea of the tremendous difference there is. If you don’t want to take the trip out to visit a private school, you can always find plenty of information and photos of them on the web. Sites like, provide excellent virtual tours of their school grounds so folks can get an idea of just how wonderful they are from right in their own home.

Private Christian schools don’t just look better either, they really are better. On average, students that attend private schools have a higher acceptance rate when applying to the university, as well as better final test scores from their finishing exams. The average student also has a higher attendance rate in daily classes. Unlike in public schools, the private schools are designed to make learning fun for kids, so they won’t lose interest in their education. Of course there is also the fact that private Christian schools take time to read and teach from the bible each day, making the child’s education more spiritually orientated.