It’s unlikely divorce lawyers won’t be needed in the future.’s incredibly difficult to predict what the world is going to look like in fifty years. To gain perspective on how fruitless such a prediction would be, think about where the world was in 1966 and where it is today. There were no smartphones, very few people had computers, televisions weren’t in every home like they are today, air travel wasn’t nearly as prolific, and so much more. The world is a completely different place than it was fifty years ago, from the technologies that people use to the way they think about the world. Can you imagine gay marriage being legal fifty years ago? Neither can I.

However, there are some things that it seems fair to assume will still be around in fifty years. It’s quite likely that television is still going to be here, just like it’s a certainty that people will still rely on electricity. Ships are still going to be transporting huge amounts of goods across the oceans, and people are still going to be using planes to get from one place to another. However, of all the things that are likely to still be around, none is more certain than divorce lawyers. Unless people aren’t going to be getting married in the future, divorce lawyers are still going to be around.

When you think about the numbers of people getting divorced today, it boggles the mind. Just about half of all marriages in the US are going to end in divorce, which means that nearly half of all kids are going to have stepparents. If so many people are getting divorced today, it seems unlikely that less people will be getting divorced in the future. In fact, as more cultures come to terms with the idea of divorce and as people continue to become more independent of one another, it’s actually quite likely that more than fifty percent of all marriages are going to end in divorce in the future. Unless there are some drastic changes, it’s far more likely that that number goes up than it is that it goes down.

The ways in which the world changes are unpredictable, but what’s not unpredictable is human behavior. While societies, for the most part, are certainly less barbaric than they once were, it’s still true that people act mostly the same. We still love, laugh, fight, wage wars, create great works of art, and so much more. Since divorce has more to do with the way in which people behave than it does with how the world and technologies change, it seems quite likely that this area of family law isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Thus, firms like the Law Office of John Waters don’t have anything to worry about. While the world is certainly going to change in some rather dramatic ways over the next couple of decades, it’s a virtual certainty that the number of people getting divorced is going to stay steady at the very least. It’s a human behavior, and those are much slower to change.