Pen v portable vaporizer

Herbal vape pens are considered to be a part of the e-cigarette family. There are many styles and types to choose from. However, vape pens tend to last longer than traditional e-cigarettes or e-cigs.  When used for smoking tobacco, many people tend to graduate from the e-cig to the vape pen once they become more knowledgeable on the subject.


Most marijuana vape pens are approximately the size of either a traditional fountain pen or a large fountain pen and have a battery life that is way better than typical eCigs.  These devices generally carry enough battery power in order to last all day or more, depending on how much you use it.


However, since pen-style vaporizers heat plant material to the point of combustion they are not considered portable to the vaporizer community.  In order to be considered a portable vaporizer, the plant material cannot come into direct contact with the heating element. In most pen-style vaporizers the heating coil comes into contact with the plant material which causes it to burn or combust and, therefore, does not truly vaporize.


Therefore, even though pen-style vaporizers are portable in the sense that you can easily carry them anywhere, they do not meet the requirement to be called a portable vaporizer because they do not vaporize the plant material.  Instead, these products use conduction style heating which usually ends up burning the herb.  Furthermore, when a person uses a pen-style vaporizer, then he or she must start the heating by pressing a button.  He or she must continue to hold the button down in order for the process to continue. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to heat plant material this way without combustion.

In a traditional portable vaporizer, the heating chamber is separate from the heating element.  By keeping the two systems apart, the plant material is simply warmed by hot air passing over the material and not from direct heat.  The cannabis does not come ever into contact with the heating element and therefore, combustion cannot take place.  This, in turn, allows for a true vaporization experience.


Furthermore, most pen-style vaporizers do not allow the user to have control over the temperature.  However, most portable versions let the one enjoying the vape have control over the temperature all of which are well below the point of combustion.  Additionally, if one is new to the vaping experience, he or she may overheat the herb by using a setting that is too high.  This will inevitably cause combustion to occur.  Therefore, it is important to not only read the directions that come with the product, it is also important to learn proper vaping techniques.


Another difference between the two products is that through the use of combustion, pen-style vaporizers can not only vape dry herbs, but there are also models that can vape the oil extract in the form of pure oil or wax, in addition to shatter and budder.  Both limit the odors produced and allow users to partake almost anywhere without detection.