Picking a Stair Lift for Home

A quality stair lift at home can be a great investment when you have people at home who have trouble going up the stairs like seniors and the ailing. If you have a family member who is one of those people, a stair lift can help him/her get up the stairs and down again while seated without assistance from another person. That person on the lift can control the chair going up and down and already have easy access to the floors of the house without trouble. If you are looking to buy a stair life then go for something that is able to fit your need as well as stay within the budget you set. Here are some tips you can follow when buying a stair lift.

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First you will have to know the two different types of stair lifts which are produced and sold today. There is the straight stair lift and the curved stair lift. The type of stair lift to buy will depend on the kind of staircase you have at home.

A straight stair lift is able to go up a straight staircase as long as it will not get interrupted by any landings, curves, or bends as it goes along its way up and down. A straight stair lift would go for around 3 to 5 thousand dollars to set up. Curved stair lifts on the other hand are much more complex as the chair has to pass through a bend, corner, as well as go different directions when going up or down a floor. Because of the complexity, a curved stair lift costs much more around ten to fifteen thousand dollars. The price can even go higher if more is done during the installation.

You can also find outdoor stair lifts that are better equipped against the weather for areas outside your home that needs the person to go up and down. There is also a stair lift that allows the user to go up/down while standing instead of having to sit down. This stair lift that allows for standing is known as a perch lift.

Understand the when a stair lift is installed the rails are attached to the treads of the stairs and not the wall itself. This makes the system much sturdier and they can be installed in most homes today.

When picking out a stair lift, take note of the weight capacity and connect this to the weight of the user. If he is much heavier than the average person, you may need to get a stair lift that is much more robust and sturdy than average to carry the user up and down. All stair lift manufacturing companies have a sturdier build option for their customers. Also take note of the height of the user. The chair can be adjusted, so during the day of installation, have the seat adjusted to the proper height to make the user comfortable.

The power source of the stair lift can also be different. There are stair lifts that have an outlet source which is AC, while others operate on a battery or DC.