Plan your next kids birthday party with this children’s fun center

Are you looking to find some new and exciting things to do with your young children?  When you have kiddos between the ages of a few months to maybe 7 or 8 years you birthday parties for kidsmight feel hard pressed to spend some quality time anywhere but at home.  Many public places are not toddler friendly.  You definitely cannot relax if you are somewhere with your young children and there are many things around that can be broken or ruined in a flash.  You will often see a mother or father with their children out in public who looks utterly exhausted from doing damage control.  There is a noted difference in the moods of parents when they are in a safe place with their children where nothing can be damaged and kids and free to play as they want.  Of course accidents will happen, but if you need to spend some quality time with your children and want to get out of the house to do it, your options maybe limited.

If you are in the New York area you are in luck because there is a wonderful new facility that is open to children and parents who want to play and learn and grow.  At PlayHooray your child can have fun just being them.  You won’t feel the need to be a helicopter parent because everything is kid friendly and parent approved.   They offer age appropriate classes and group activities for all levels of development.  There is just free play where kids can have fun dancing, making music, or playing with the props together.  There are also kids group classes offered where children of the same age group work on activities and sing songs together.  PlayHooray also offers Mommy and Me classes for any age between a few months and 6 years.  If you have never heard of that last one – Mommy and me classes are designed to enhance the bond between mother and child through games and activities.  There is usually some song singing together and some physical games that lets you just have fun with your kids.  And that is something all parents need more of with the stresses of maintaining the household and keeping your children fed, clean, and rested.  Its so nice for parents to just stop and have fun with their kids.  The experience is amazing for all involved and it does nothing but good.

Lastly, PlayHooray offers birthday parties for kids in many different forms.  You just have to provide the venue and they take care of the rest.  The staff brings props, musical instruments, music and activities for children of all ages.  The size and feel of the party is completely up to you.  It can be just a few kids in your living room or it can be 25 kids in a rented hall.  Once you let them know the size of the party they will adjust their process to accommodate everyone and will keep all the kids entertained for a full hour of fun.  So get out of the house and enjoy some quality time with you kids with PlayHooray.