Shared office spaces are a boon to employee productivity

The ins and outs of running a company today have changed drastically in the last ten years. Small businesses are making up an ever increasing number of the work force and a robust economy is encouraging people to leave their corporate jobs and strike out on their own. When you add to that the leaps and bounds by which technology is continuing to expand and what it can now accomplish versus ten years ago, you will see that the corporate landscape looks very different now than anyone thought that it would. Now owning and running a business no longer looks the same; people do not start a company, hire staff and rent out an office building to house them. Instead, it is completely practical for a person to start their own business and instead of hiring local talent, they can reach out to prospective employees all over the country and find the best fit for their vision of where they want their company to go.

Employees are now typically choosing to work from home or out of a virtual office instead of driving into a central office every day. This also allows them to be productive in the their own preferred working style, and also gives them more flexible working hours since they no longer have to commit to coming into an office on a 9 to 5 schedule. Employees that choose to work in a shared office are often more results driven and can often produce better final products on a deadline than those that are required to sit at the same desk every day and work on a project until it is completed. Part of the reason for the increased productivity is the increasing availability of shared office spaces. These office spaces are available on a daily, weekly or even hourly basis, so there is no money wasted on rental space that is detracting from productivity instead of encouraging it. Now, modern employees can come in to a shared office in order to work only when they need to. Many people need an office environment occasionally to help them achieve their business goals, and the shared office is contributing to that productivity.

Another boon to the productivity of the modern employee is their work style. More and more millennial are entering into the work force, and their way of doing business is much different that the previous generations’. They prefer a more collaborative and social environment that allows them an outlet to their creativity. They are problem solvers, but they also want to have the freedom to think outside the box. When they have the option of surrounding themselves with other independent workers from different business environments, it gives them what they need in terms of a social environment and allows them more time to be creative.

Shared office spaces can contribute quite a lot to the productivity of an employee and they speak to a new generation of people entering into the work place. If you are looking for ways to shake up your company and increase productivity, give them a try.