Shared Office spaces are changing the way businesses grow

Shared office spaces are areas that bring together employees from various industries and creates a space for them where they can be productive and also have many of the same benefits that they would have if they were working out of a large corporate office. Many small business owners may not find that they need their very own office space that requires a multi year lease and many added operating expenses on top of it. They may have a more flexible schedule that allows them to work from home part of the time, or perhaps they travel frequently as part of their job so they would just be throwing away money by paying to stock and run an office that is only used a few days a week. The is where shared office spaces come into the picture. They are a wonderful solution for entrepreneurs that might have a need for a professional office setting, but they do not want necessarily need a full functioning office that is only for themselves.

Many co-working spaces are beginning to crop up in urban areas, and many of them have some wonderful amenities that make them a great decision for a small business. Office Evolution, for example, has offices that are spread out all over the country, which makes them a convenient solution for people that travel for work but would like to have an office on the go. Office Evolution co-working spaces are all equipped with reliable wifi internet access and they provide a comfortable and professional setting where you can be productive and even enjoy the community of other independent business people.

They are extremely flexible when if comes to renting out a space to work. Many locations will allow you to rent space for as little as 15 minute increments! That makes them great solutions for people that have commitment problems when it comes to where they want to work. If a longer period of time is requested, space can be leased out for up to 12 months at a time, which is still much shorter than what most office spaces will require (a three year lease is standard for many office locations.)

When an office space is leased, the costs do not end there. After the initial lease is signed, an office must then be set up with a phone line (or lines), internet access, tables and chairs for the conference room as well as desks for the office area, the kitchen must be set up (many do not come with a refrigerator and microwave) and the bathrooms have to be stocked. Or they could choose to avoid all of that work and mess and just use a co-working space that will already be equipped with all of those things. They will come into work every day knowing that they have onsite support if there are any technical issues that might be encountered and they do not have to worry about dealing with the mundane details that come with running their own office space.