Social Media and Chiropractor Marketing

On the bottom of your patient intake forms, there is probably a section that asks how he or she found out about your office.  While some people will say that they were referred by a friend, colleague or another doctor, chances are, they looked you up on the internet and that includes social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Prospective patients research you and your office in order to get a sense of who you are as both a person and a professional.  They want to know what other people think of you and what goes on in your office, especially behind the scenes.  This research is one of the many reasons why the various social media platforms should be a part of your chiropractic marketing plan.

In order to be perceived as the expert in your local area, you need to sharing great content and connect with people.  If you do this on Facebook, it will then be liked and/or shared so that more people than just your followers will see it.  They may then, in turn, become followers themselves.  Those followers, then turn into shares and clients.  Thus, you get some help with your chiropractor marketing.


Therefore, before you begin posting, be sure that you have completely filled out the about section of the business page.  This will not only give people a way to contact you and your office, it will also lead to brand recognition.  People will see the name and photo and connect it with you.


However, you may be wondering what to post so that others are willing to like and share it.  Your posts primarily should not be blatant advertising.  In fact, that should only be up to 15% of what you post, probably less.  Instead, combine Facebook and Instagram and post behind the scenes photos or ask your patients if either you or they could post before and after pictures from their visit.


You can also post links to chiropractic news that is relevant to your followers.  For example, if a celebrity swears by his/her chiropractor or there is a report on how many people stopped taking pain relievers after seeing a chiropractor.


Another way that you can get your patients involved in your chiropractic marketing plan on social media is a link to Yelp or another site where clients can review your services.  This link should also be on your business website, as well.


You can also post random tips and favorite products.  You are also encouraged to get personal by asking for advice on something pertaining to your life outside the office.  This will not only make for excellent interaction between you and your clients or potential clients, it will also show that you are human.


Whatever you decide to post, be sure to include at least one hashtag.  While they were started on Twitter, hashtags work on all social media platforms and make it so that more people see your posts.  A simple search of a particular hashtag will bring up your posts.