The 3 light vanity light offers the perfect blend of lighting and style. a quick moment and type “vanity light” into your search engine. Now, click on the images or pictures tab on the results and start scrolling through all of the things you see. How many different types of vanity light would you guess there are? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? A hundred thousand? It seems possible that no one really knows the answer, but it seems sufficient to say that there are enough. Based on all of the pictures that you’re looking at, you likely think that there are enough as well. With so many options for consumers to choose from, how can any one person actually settle on something that they really like? What about the people that like to look at all of their options before making a purchase? Such people should never try to buy a vanity light. They should avoid such a decision as it if were the plague.

Of course, sometimes all of these choices aren’t relevant. This just happens to be the case with vanity lights. While having so many different options to choose from is great, the basic 3 light vanity light is still the way to go. Of course, there are thousands of styles of 3 light vanity lights, but just knowing that you want such a vanity light at least limits all of your options. There are two key reasons why this particular vanity light is the right choice. First, it provides the perfect balance of light to any bathroom that you put it in. While it’s certainly nice to have great lighting in a bathroom, there can be such a thing as too much. Since most bathrooms are painted white or other bright colors, having too much light can be a bit distracting. The 3 light vanity light gives off ample light so you can see yourself in the mirror and get everything done you need to handle in the bathroom, but it doesn’t give off so much that you feel like you’re entering a hospital operating room.

The second reason why the 3 light vanity light is still the best out there is it’s simple style. When you start getting into 5, 6, and 7 light vanity lights you might as well be standing in front of one of the mirrors that movie stars use. The average person simply doesn’t need that much light to get ready in the morning, nor do they have enough room in their bathroom to fit such a monstrosity. Thus, not only does the 3 light vanity light give off the best light, but it also looks the most elegant in the vast majority of bathrooms.

Knowing you want a 3 light vanity light is great, but next you have to choose the material. The brushed nickel vanity light is quickly becoming one of the most popular because of its basic yet appealing look. Take a look at those online and see if that is the kind of style you’d be interested in. The brushed nickel light with three bulbs is one of the classiest options out there, no doubt about it.