The two ways radon can get into your home and why you need a radon remediation team

Radon can be an incredibly tricky gas because it is incredibly dangerous for people if they are around it for too long but on the other hand, it is also impossible to detect unless you have special equipment that only a radon reduction company like SWAT Environmental would have so if people don’t know to get checks for radon in and around their home, they might be exposed to the dangerous gas every day without ever knowing it. Since radon is a gas, it is quite good at getting into your home by any means necessary, which is another one of the dangerous or scary things about radon.

It all starts in the soil, where radon is a natural by-product of different elements decaying. The elements that produce radon are some of the most popular elements on earth so it is not like we can just get rid of them and in turn get rid of the radon around your home. Instead, we have to leave the other elements and just deal with the dangerous radon. Since radon is a gas, it is pretty good at getting up into your home by any means possible. Often there are two main places that radon mitigation companies like SWAT Environmental will search for radon in your home.

radon removal The first of these places is up through cracks in the foundation of your home. No matter how big or how small the crack is, it can be an easy place for radon to come up and get into your home. As a part of the radon reduction process done by SWAT Environmental, they will find all of these cracks and then something will be done so that the radon can’t get up through there any more.

The second place that a radon mitigation team like that at SWAT Environmental will look for radon around your home is up through the water pipes. This is a pretty common place for radon to come up and get into your home. Since you use your water for things like bathing, washing and drinking, you can probably imagine that this is a place where you really don’t want there to be any kind of dangerous gas. In order for the radon remediation company to get rid of the radon up through your water pipes, they will also make sure to find where it comes from and get everything sealed up so that down the line once the soil around and under your home starts to produce radon again, it won’t be able to get up though the pipes again. This doesn’t mean that you are going to be safe forever of course, but it can at least help in the foreseeable future in order to make sure that you are doing everything that you can for your home to keep you and your family safe. Then in another number of years, you can do another quick radon check to make sure that everything is still ok and safe.