The value of gas rights is on the rise. to a change in the party that holds the White House, there’s been a great deal of talk about a variety of issues. The new administration is approaching certain topics and issues in a very different way from the past administration, and that’s led to a lot of debate about these specific issues and topics. One of the issues that keeps coming up over and over again is energy consumption and the environment. Thanks to the new administration, there’s been a lot of talk about coal and other fossil fuels, whereas the past administration enjoyed talking more about renewable energies like wind and solar. Whichever side of this debate that you stand on, it’s important to remember that while the president and Congress can make things easier for certain types of energy, at the end of the day it’s prices that are going to dictate the market. That’s why so many people have been hesitant about the new president’s claims that coal is going to make a big comeback in the US. Coal hasn’t slowed down in the US only because of regulations; it’s slowed down because natural gas burns cleaner and, most importantly, is cheaper. The market is driving the slow death of coal, not the regulations surrounding the industry.

The point of all of this is merely to show that it’s prices that ultimately drive which types of energy companies produce and which ones people buy, and the market right now is hot for natural gas. Natural gas is a much cleaner burning form of fossil fuel, but it’s also a great deal cheaper than burning coal. Thus, gas rights across the country are on the rise in terms of their value, and this increase in value isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. That’s because natural gas is going to continue to take over more of the share of the American energy economy for years to come. The new administration can pull back all of the regulations they want surrounding coal, but at the end of the day it’s the market that’s the driving force behind why coal is taking a backseat to natural gas. Those market changes are here to stay, so coal isn’t going to be coming back in this country in any real way anytime soon. Sure, these new changes might help it remain steady for longer than it was going to, but at the end of the day the American energy economy is going to be driven by natural gas.

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