Things to Consider When Choosing Your Window Drapes

Too many options can be paralyzing. The same is true when choosing the right window treatments for your home windows.

We can help ease the burden with this step by step guide in the window drapes that will suit you and your family.

framing your window with drapes

First Consideration: Function

Most women jumped into choosing window treatments based on style. The practical way to do it is to start with the function first. Ask yourself the question: “why do I need window treatments?”

If your aim is total darkness or privacy, lined curtains or window drapes is the way to go. If you only want the light streaming through your windows filtered and if the window treatments is simply for decorative purposes, going unlined will do.

It goes without saying, though, that having a lining is more expensive. But, the added expense does come along with it certain advantages.  The lining shields the fabric from sun damage. In this way, your curtains last longer. Lining adds heft to the drapes. This can protect the people inside the house from drafts. Style-wise, it helps the curtains to drape more luxuriously.

If you aim to have good insulation, light blockage, and good durability, go for drapes with interlining, aside from the lining.

What is an interlining?

An interlining is a layer of fabric that’s flannel-like. It is sewn between the lining and the front fabric.

It is not available, however, for ready-made window drapes. They can only be incorporated on custom drapes.

Style: Fabric

The texture of the window drapes matter. It provides mood to the room. In formal spaces, velvet or heavy silk are recommended. Velvet is a great insulator, as well. Both velvet and silk, however, are dry-clean only.

But, fret not. There are practical options available that are washable. You can opt for cotton sateen or rayon blends that look and feel silky.

If you will be going for the casual feel, billowy linens are recommended. But, it is dry-cleaned only, as well. Crushed velvet that’s crinkly will provide that casual moss, as well. Cotton blends, if cotton is not available, can work with any type of type in the room. Plus, it provides a neat feel and look. Another option that will provide the same effect is the wool, or if not available, wool blends. It is in vogue regardless of the season.

Style: Color

First thing that you will have to decide is whether or not you want your drapes to blend into your room décor, or if you prefer to have it pop.

If you prefer to have it blend, choose drapes that have the same tone as your room walls, but darker by a few shades.

If you choose a color that pops from your room décor, also consider how it will look if you choose unlined drapes. Sunlight can infuse color to the room when it streams through your unlined drapes.

Style: Prints or Patterns

Remember this: if you have patterned bedding or furniture, or rug, use solid colors on your drapes. If you have solid-colored furniture, go for patterns. If you want to be daring, go for large, graphic prints.