There are certain kinds of pests which are common in homes, and whose presence doesn’t necessarily indicate a serious problem. While other kinds of pests can be a sign of a serious issue which should send people running to call their local pest control experts. In this article, using information provided by Salvant Environmental Services, we will go through three types of infestation which require professional help to beat.  If anyone reading this article recognizes that they are experiencing problems with any of the situations listed below, they can contact the professional pest control service at,, or their closest bug control expert.

Termites are something that should never be taken lightly. A major insurance agency estimated that in 2016, termites were responsible for around fifty million dollars in damage reports which they received. Termites are more than a pest, they are a home destroying plague which can be working towards the ruin of a person’s home for months before the homeowner even knows what is happening. The bottom line with termites is prevention. Termite exterminators can take care of a termite problem when it has been discovered, but they can’t repair the damage which the termites have done to a home before they are brought in. The best thing that people living in an area which is prone to termites can do is to have a once a year termite inspection. Of course, if a homeowner ever suspects that they might have a termite problem, they need to contact a pest control service as fast as possible.

In areas in the mid-west where Black Widows are a serious concern, a pest control company should be called as soon as the dangerous spider has been spotted. Black Widows are by nature a very reclusive spider, so hopefully a person will never have to see one, but experts say that once you have seen a black window in your house, you can assume there are several dozen more tucked away where they might not be seen. Black widow bites send hundreds of people to the emergency room each year, so making sure your home is a Black Widow free zone is important to the safety of your family. People who suspect they may have Black Widows around the house should try and capture one so they can compare it to online photos which help people distinguish between the deadly spider and other species which are similar in appearance.

Finally, is your family is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes each night; the problem might be coming from within the home. We tend to think of mosquitoes as an outdoor pest, yet they are perfectly capable of breeding indoors and becoming a serious bother to a home’s inhabitants. In areas of the country where mosquitoes are known to spread diseases, the need to eliminate the pests from a home is even more pressing. One visit from a professional bug man and it will be as if the nasty flying pests never existed in your home.